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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    throw the cottage cheese into before bed, eat some flax before bed too.
    throw in some veggies, spinach is best to your meal after your pwo.
    i would add butternut squash in your first meal instead of a banana, and throw the banana into your PWO.

    no Eggs? not enough protein meal 1. throw in some eggs.

    you eating albacore tuna or regular tuna?
  2. the.gladiator1987
    i edited it.

    Im eating reg tuna!
  3. iggy
    mourning everyone!
  4. SouthernLord
    I've been sooo busy lately. Diet has been good though.

    I have stalled in my fat loss so it's time to switch things up. I also have to cycle off of the stimulant fat burners (lipoflame/Stim). I am going to be carbing up every 18th meal. I eat six meals a day so the last meal every third day is going to be carb/fat only. I am going to stay under 100g of cho daily and cut out all carbs post workout. I am thinking about mega dosing BCAA/Leucine pre and during workout then having whey isolate only pwo instead of my usual protein/carn drink.

    I will update you guys the first of the week (if anyone even cares lol).
  5. SouthernLord

    What's your thoughts about mega dosing BCAA pre/intra/post workout and not allowing for post workout carbs when cutting. I know you've studied the topic.

    By mega dosing I mean.......

    6 scoops of Xtend (best bcaa product around imo)

    10g Leucine
    5g isoleucine
    5g Valine
    7g Glutamine
    3g Citruline Malate

    This is consumed pre/intra workout. PWO will be whey isolate.
  6. SouthernLord

    You need some fast acting protein pwo. Get some whey isolate and maybe add a serving of oats and cut the brocolli. Eat the brocolli with that 8oz serving of meat.
  7. jdynasty
    ok, I have read a lot on here about carbs pwo, question though, wouldn't eating something like white rice pwo be the same as sucking down a gatorade
  8. iggy
    sounds badass SL. I've heard a SLEW of good things about leucine.
  9. fortunatesun
    I like the BCAA + leucine combo. Truthfully, I've posted before that I thought BCAA supplementation was next to worthless but they're high on it over at elitefts which has it's share of powerlifters looking to transpose their physiques so I thought WTF. I take 30g BCAA/leucine total with a high intensity workout + increased cardio and I'm getting best results ever. This is with no other supplemetation other than pre-workout intensifier. Individual results will vary but I'm sure you'll be pleased if you go this way.
  10. iggy
    yeah. im taking some leucine preworkout now.
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