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Anabolic Food

  1. Thandie
    I wasn't questioning the amount of calories, just the amount in one sitting. Your system can't process and digest all that food before you eat your next meal. Is just not healthy. I'm not trying to compare the amount of food you eat with the amount I eat. I am also aware good fat is good for you!
  2. *The_West*
    i see what you mean, although its not like i will just chuck it down my throat in 30 seconds! i will sit there and sip on it over 30-45 mins or so, and as timtim suggested, a litre is a lot to drink in one go, so i sometimes drink half, then half a bit later.
    it is a useful concoction lol. my body really doesn't want me to weigh much more than 160 lbs, its hard work for me just to maintain 190 lbs.
  3. *The_West*
    and now you come to mention it, is there any way of finding out, as im sure this can and does differ from person to person, exactly how much of each macronutrients you can actually digest fully in one sitting?
  4. iggy
    fellas and broettes. welcome our newest member, the.gladiator1987, he's looking to get some diet help while on his first cycle.

    he told me he's looking to bulk the first 7-8 weeks i believe.

    southernlord - where ya been man!
  5. the.gladiator1987
    Thanks iggy.

    Yes I want to bulk my first 7 weeks (test/dbol/tren) then cut down and include cardio everyday the last 4 weeks.
  6. Thandie
    West, that depends on how tall and how much you weight. A larger person can have larger meal then a smaller person, naturally. However, if you're having 7 meals (per say) a day, perhaps you should have 9 small meals a day and break it down somewhat evenly. That said, is just not healthy to have 100g of fat, or more, regardless of how little you weight and how much you want to increase your weight.
  7. iggy
    mourning y'all

    mixed it up with a can of tuna and some kashi cereal with whole milk for breakfast.
  8. SouthernLord

    I've missed a lot in here the last few weeks.

    I need to catch up.

    I will post my diet for today shortly.
  9. iggy
    it's all good. glad to have ya back bro.

    your one of my main bros in here to keep this active.

    i ate some salmon and brocolli yesterday and feasted on a cup of cottage cheese with tons of tabasco sauce before bed.

    my habit of tabasco and cottage cheese is probably kinda weird. lol
  10. SouthernLord
    My diet/training has been good to go. Although everything else has been chaotic.

    I just took some Need To Sleep so I am not going to bother typing out everything I ate. I did manage 26oz of cabbage today

    314g Pro, 85g CHO, 98g FAT, 2478 Kcal total

    Today was a low carb day for me. The only carbs I consumed were in the form of green leafy veggies and almonds/cashews/pistachios.

    Tomorrow will be my medium carb day. I am training back so I need some carbs. My current carb rotation looks like this.

    Monday - Low (Chest/Shoulders/HIIT under 150g cho)
    Tuesday - High (Legs/No Cardio 400-500g cho)
    Wednesday - Low (Arms/HIIT day under 150g cho)
    Thursday - Low (No training/LISS only 75-100g cho)
    Friday - Medium (Back/Traps/Forearms/HIIT ~300g cho)
    Sat&Sun - Low (No training/LISS cardio only under 75g Cho)

    The weekends have been extremely low carb at under 75g. So far this is working out for me. The last two weeks my weight has only dropped one pound, but I am getting visibly leaner.

    I ate three pounds of sweet potatoes on my carb up Tuesday
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