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Anabolic Food

  1. VinceJeepMan
    for my diet I keep it simple. All clean foods...as much as possible I stay away from anything processed, and stay away from starch. No fast food. I have learned to cook, and pack my lunch. I try to keep to 370g of protein, and low carbs. I also take fish oil...etc.
  2. iggy
    your right des. cocoa does make oats taste much better.
  3. ExtraMile
    so does ANPB. Kids cereal with oats and ANPB... mix the oats in with the PB and it should stick and make clusters then add dryed fruit to the mix
  4. desmond
    Ah EM: I'm sure that tastes good, but I was suggesting an option to Iggy that was omega diet compliant
  5. desmond
    cinnamon (cassia) I also think tastes good on oats, is very healthy (high ORAC, improves insulin sensitivity), although my views on its tastes are somewhat idiosyncratic
  6. *The_West*
    hey guys, hows my dinner coming along lol?
    i just thought i would throw this out there. the protein shake with over a 1000 cals!!! defintely for a hardcore bulk or ectos who have a hard time gaining weight. i came up with this after hearing something about a super shake, but never the recipe. i am not very good at eating for 45 mins-1 hour after i have woken up, so this is perfect for me.
    8egg whites
    2 whole eggs
    100g peanut butter
    50g oats
    1 litre of skim milk
    blend that sheet real good, so the oats dont just sit at the bottom
    according to calorie king, it contains
    108g protein
    113.4g carbs
    65g fat
  7. iggy
    100g PB? holy cow that is a lot bro!
  8. Thandie
    108g of protein in one sitting??
    65g of fat?????
  9. *The_West*
    why not? some of us are ectomorphs who dont just sit in front of a pc all day at work, not only train 4-5 days a week, but also play intense sports. my calorie needs are great. fat is not necessarily the enemy.
    thandie, i probably eat well over double what you do in a day. and i need to aswell.
    this shake could be very useful for very skinny guys who struggle to put weight on, or due to work/other commitment, have trouble eating more than 4-5 meals a day.
  10. timtim
    west, if youre having that at one sitting, regardless of metabolism, alot is being lost because its not being absorbed. divide that into 2 servings and have it 2 hours apart. it would be utilized much better.
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