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  1. ceo
    Southern Lord, you shouldn't take your fiber (metamucil) within an hour of your protein/vitamins/supps, etc. as it blocks the absorption of nutrients/supps/vitamins, etc.
  2. desmond
    CEO: he's only taking 5 g of metamucil.

    If ur argument is correct, small servings of brocolli or oats or even potatoes would block their own nutrients b/c of their fibre intake. Unless ur arguing that metamucil contains phylates (I haven't checked this) which may have some effect on nutrient absorption

    Moreover, this is now regarded as a misconception: "Fiber does not bind to minerals and vitamins and therefore does not restrict their absorption, but rather evidence exists that fermentable fiber sources improve absorption of minerals, especially calcium.[49][50] Some plant foods can reduce the absorption of minerals and vitamins like calcium, zinc, vitamin C and magnesium, but this is caused by the presence of phytate (which is also thought to have important health benefits), not by fiber": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_fiber#cite_note-48
  3. SouthernLord

    I actually got the carb cycling idea from BFFM. His low carb day calls for 1x bw in carbs and his high carb day calls for double body weight or more in carbs. Of course he says that this type of diet needs to be tailored to the individual.

    You are right. If something isn't broke (my current diet) then why fix it. I really am just in experimentation mode. I want to try this out and see what happens. Either way after six weeks I am going to start back on maintenence kcals tho give my body a break. I should have met or exceeded my goals by then anyway.
  4. SouthernLord
    Oh yeah. My shred stack form Omega should be here this week. Who knows what will happen when I throw that into the mix. So far I haven't used amy fat loss products.
  5. desmond
    SL: Ok yes I'm aware he advocates carb cycling, I just didn't realise it was quite this extreme in the early phases of cutting (I read his book over a year ago). Will be interested to see whether it accelerates ur results.
  6. iggy
    got jumped guys and im still really messed up now. got a concussion and some other stuff.
    ill will be off a couple of days.
  7. SouthernLord
    WTF iggy???
  8. myway
    iggy, was it those guys u wuz tellin us about? Damn.
  9. myway
    Keep tryin to teach the hubby how to eat right. He just keeps askin what exactly the "diet" is called..... lol. I need to think of a funny name to tell him. Tha don't-be-a-fatty-Mcbutter-pants Diet is in the running.
  10. princesa
    Damn, I'm sorry Iggy!
    I hope you get better soon
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