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Anabolic Food

  1. ExtraMile
    how much do yuo weigh? 1600kcal food + 600kcal shake isnt a very big diet for bulking unless your very light...
  2. iggy
    i would add in another shake at another time in the day dani. a little bit more cals wouldn't hurt if you are bulking
  3. Danielle Averill
    Iggy & extramile, I had 2200 cal by the afternoon. I still hadn't eaten dinner yet. I eat a good 1000 + cal alone at night. I probably hit about 3200 that day total. Iggy, I often have 2 shakes a day. They are very heavy though.! Extramile, I am 5'5 1/2 & 120 lbs.
  4. ExtraMile
    if your having 2 heavy shakes a day and still only usually get 2,200kcal sounds like you dont really eat alot of food, is there a reason for this?
  5. iggy
    how much veggies do you eat each day dani?
  6. Danielle Averill
    Extramile you misunderstood. I had only eaten 2200 cal by the afternoon, I still had not eaten dinner, had dessert or had my Dymatize shake yet. I count calories each day & try to eat at least 3,000 in food alone & then will have a shake or 2 to supplement it. I eat like a pig actually, especially when I am trying to bulk a bit.
  7. Danielle Averill
    Iggy, I am guilty of NOT eating enough fruits & veggies. I will eat 2 servings of veggies a day & like 1 serving of fruits a day.
  8. VinceJeepMan
    gotta love the veggies.....double broccoli is a way of life. I have a professional juicer, and I throw apples, oranges,carrots, cucumbers, and anything else in it. This is an easy way to get full servings of fruits and veggies, all natural and no processed sugars.
  9. iggy
    damn vince, how much did that cost you and where did you get it from?
    would love to juice it up!
  10. VinceJeepMan
    hey folks...what is everyone eating these days? Any new recipes for the new year?
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