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  1. desmond
    Well I'm kinda happy with 0.25kg avg weight gain per week. If that and PR's continue I know I'm doing a good job. Anything over 0.5kg per week and I'd be concerned I'm gaining too much fat.

    Downing shit loads of carbs during/post workout is amazing. Its the best diet change I have ever done in terms of facilitating training and recovery.
  2. iggy
    des. first day i bailed straw today. worked ten hours straight. nonstop.

    each bail was around 60lbs and i lifted over 2000 of them. not sure to figure out how much cals i burned.

    couldnt get brown rice fast enough in the morning. dad had pizza left over so diet was -

    9am - 1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey, greens+ and multi
    11am- 1 slice pizza
    12pm - 1 slice pizza
    1pm - 1/3lb lean ground beef
    3pm - 1/3lb lean ground beef
    5pm - 1/3lb lean ground beef/chocolate milk
    730pm - 3 chicken breasts, brocolli, lobster

    then i fell asleep quickly and just woke up at 1230.

    did i do well or should i still revamp it in a different way to target fat loss?

    would lifting 3 days be overtraining?

    - iggy
  3. desmond
    I don't like this diet at all.

    Pizza twice?

    And no carbs from 12 onwards? You are "bailing straw" all day, you don't need zero carbs from 12 onwards. I don't want you to faint while doing it lol.

    I don't think lifting 3 days per week is overtraining on this. Sure initially it will be tough but the body will adapt. Many brick layers also train for eg. ]

    I may have to give up my extreme carb diet if my doctor is correct and i have insulin resistance. He says the reason I am not getting fat from the carbs is the insulin is producing free fatty acids, which I sweat off at night by elevated body temperature. This is kinda true.
  4. VinceJeepMan
    Hey guys....how are you all doing. Diet is going well, I am in the process of cutting, and since I have been busting my ass for the past 3 weeks, I am seeing some good results. Thanks for the support
  5. VinceJeepMan
    what no posts? Is anyone eating? Any new recipes?
  6. iggy
    lol. thanks for being loyal vince.
  7. miplank
  8. iggy

    been making power shakes. ill throw two scoops of monster milk, a shot of olive oil, flax oil. 2 tbsps of anpb, some oats, greens+, cinnamon, cocoa, and a bit of honey in it. do you think this is too powerful as a pwo while cutting?
  9. iggy
    how we doign? anyone?
  10. VinceJeepMan
    Doing well iggy...what's new with you? I have been thinking about making that power shake you have listed. How big a shot of olive oil?

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