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  1. the_alcatraz
    my aas brothers, check out my pictures in chat:
  2. VinceJeepMan
    not much activity in a while, so I thought I would post up....this summer I am going to drop bf% by a few points. I just got NeedTo's shredder stack, and I will be starting that very soon. I got my diet in check, and measuring everything that I eat. Got the grilled fired up every weekend, and cooking for the week.

    What's new with you guys?
  3. iggy
    awesome bro!
    miss grilling up veggies, red meat, chicken..... and everything.

    i'm cutting as well.

    will post progress pics soon.
  4. iggy
    my diet of spinach, red meat, whole eggs, brown rice, and oats only has been going extremely well.

    almost too well.
  5. VinceJeepMan
    iggy...that's the same diet I am on, except I am eating more chicken and tuna and salmon. Gotta love the spinach, I put it in everything.
  6. walliwalibus
    Spinach/artichoke pizza is good....:////
  7. iggy
    damn wally. now you got me dreaming about pizza. lol.

    havent had it in 3 months.
  8. VinceJeepMan
    tomorrow night I am having a pizza party....make your own pizza, my friends are worried cause they told me they don't want all the healthy stuff.....to bad for them.
  9. desmond
    My diet is far less clean that it use to be although its still in general quite clean.

    Slamming down around 4-4.5K ATM (minimum). Not bad for 73kg. Metabolism seems to have increased, as I have only gained 1kg in 4 weeks on this bulking approach. Recovery seems vastly improved by returning to 50%+ carb intake, and around 100+ intra/post work out.

    I'm avoiding a true "dirty" bulk however. It's just quite high cal and fairly natural foods, except loads of dex during and after workouts.
  10. iggy
    try eating the michael phelps way des....

    8000 cals per day.

    you will grow.
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