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  1. hardrock
    I have been grilling almost everyday. last week I grilled 8 times in 2 days. Mainly chicken, but some steak too. Gotta stock up on some meat tomorrow again. I actually ate 1 1/4 lb of chicken right off the grill as it was cooking. Love grilling season!
  2. iggy
    nice guys. . . . .
    been grilling chicken everyday and eating it with veggies.

    also im obsessed with this new japanese steakhouse. i go there at least once every 3-4 weeks.
    lobster and steak is bomb.
  3. VinceJeepMan
    I have just purchased this grill device that is used for chicken; so now I can grill a whole chicken on it's end. Basically the chicken stand up. I have also been trying different spices, and I have a stumbled on to a Parmesan (low salt) and Thyme combination that is good. So, I will be stopping by my butcher on my way home and prep for my weekend of grilling.

    Also as a switch up on the scrambled eggs, I am been working on baking them...what I am doing now, is cutting up green and red peppers, and spinach, and baking egg whites in a shallow tray. I place the baking tray in another tray filled with water, (after burning several other batches). I bake up a batch, and then cut them so I can eat them on the go, and eat with a pita, or multi-grain toast. I also have them for a few days. I just pop them out of the fridge and I have a snack.
  4. iggy
    sounds sick vince.

    just been eating a lot of chicken.

    going to up my sweet potatoe and veggie intake.
  5. mommalu
    How's everyone's Memorial weekend??
  6. iggy
    great, just cooked out. how about you mommalu?
  7. dabuffguy
    mommalu, I had a pound of steak and a pound of BBQ chicken. It was delicious. How was yours?
  8. iggy
    yo, anyone around?

    been ground beef and whole eggin' it up lately
  9. VinceJeepMan
    yo, I am around! How are things?
  10. iggy
    new amazing discovery....

    BBQ sauce on eggs.


    it makes them AMAZING.
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