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  1. gotmojo
    Thats wierd, I am about to fuck up some serious eggs myself....the store I shop at was selling off their eggs at 3doz med eggs for $1.00 and 2doz Lg eggs for $1.00 with no limit, so I came close to buying them out. At first I thought maybe they were platypus eggs or something because of the deal but they were just blowing out their Easter supply. Gonna need some egg recipes for sure.
  2. SouthernLord
    I had my first cheat meal today since Feb.

    BBQ Pulled Pork smothered in sweet sauce

    Garlic Bread

    Mashed sweet potatoes covered in caramelized brown sugar, walnuts, and cinnamon

    It was so damn good too
  3. fortunatesun
    Damn, that sounds good. My diet's beginning to grate. Well, just 3-4 more lbs. and I can give myself a break.
  4. SouthernLord
  5. iggy
    nice bro.

    eating way TOO much salmon and spinach.

    finishing off some orange roughy as i type.
  6. Bigpimpin10
    just dropping in before i start grilling!
  7. iggy
    nice man, ive been eating mad chicken. plus my chubby roommate left two giant bags of it so im marinating some garlic chicken for tomorrow.
  8. Bigpimpin10
    sounds fucking good bro.. haha mail some over LOL
  9. iggy
    how's everybody doing?

    diet's getting old but im losing bodyfat.

    same 'ol thing everyday.

    eggs, oats, tuna, sweet potatoes, salmon, ww bread, post workout shake, chicken, spinach, brocolli.....

    like 8 weeks straight. lol
  10. VinceJeepMan
    hey guys...I was out of town last week, while my workout routines kept up, my diet was a bit lacking. Doesn't help that my sis-in-law owns a bake shop. Now getting my diet back in line. Stopped by the veggies market and stocked up on spinach, that seems to be my veggie of choice for the month.
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