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Anabolic Food

  1. jdynasty
    ok, so I have eaten shitty all week, mostly not eating, but yesterday I ate cake and ice cream, fudge rounds, donuts, and pizza rolls, lol

    and today I look leaner and the muscle bellies look fuller, now explain that?

    Was I just too depleted of carbs? I usually only have a bowl of oatmeal a day and some veggies, and sometimes a few slices of double protein bread.
  2. Bigpimpin10
    whatsup just dropping in got my chicken breeeaast coooooooooooooooooookn
  3. iggy
    nice guys.
    bp10 - i love how you can do almost anything with chicken
  4. Bigpimpin10

    i fucking love it ..i usually just throw on some cajun spices.. n im good to go
  5. stevew
    Cajun is the way to go.. Simple and delicious.
  6. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    I had some chicken soft tacos today, made 'em myself at work after the kitchen was closed. Just put some chicken fajita meat on a soft tortilla with some diced onions and a big handful of chopped cilantro. And a little red salsa. Isn't fresh cilantro supposed to be good for your cholesterol?
  7. fortunatesun
    Supposedly it both lowers bad cholesterol and raises good. You just have to avoid some of those other things you put on a taco that taste so satisfying when you're hungry.
  8. gotmojo
    Iggs! Great idea for a group! Thanks for the invite brutha, some good peeps and great info. up in here!
  9. gotmojo
    I am in the process of buying into a small "restaurant chain" so between that and my son my time is sub zero. I cook on Sundays and eat the same things almost all week long (I know boring right.) but I don't mind. This weeks main staple is chicken breasts butterflied and cut into strips, then I coat with chili powder, cumin, and a little lime sea salt, saute in olive oil along with onions and peppers (I cook the chicken until it is "just" done so it stays moist through the week.). I really have no issue eating something like this all week, granted I burn my "O" ring out by weeks end. It's simple and versatile, it's great on or in anything, sometimes I just through some strips in a baggy to have with me through the day.
  10. iggy
    damn that sounds tasty bro.

    i've been addicted to lean ground beef (93/7) with some lemon/lime juice on it and veggies/sweet potatoes.
    gotta give the red meat up as im trying to cut down on fat intake though. eggs and fish only.
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