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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    damn bro.
    how do you cook your cabbage?
  2. iggy
    des you got me addicted. spenda cocoa oats are bomb
  3. fortunatesun
    iggy- not weird to me. I went through a cottage cheese + Tabasco phase also. I relive old times with habanero peppers now. The contrast between bites of intense heat and cooling milk is sorta fun.
  4. SouthernLord
    I steam my cabbage with some onion. I usually cook two heads at a time
  5. SouthernLord
    Who here besides me keeps a day food journal? How important do you feel this is? Does it help you work towards your goals?
  6. SouthernLord
    Today's macro breakdown........ 350g Pro, 201g Cho, 86g Fat, 2978total Kcal

    Today was a medium carb day. I did back/Traps/Forearms which is a very demanding workout for me with Chins, rows, hang cleans/high pulls, and my killer forearm routine. I also did 20 minutes of stepmill intervals. I actually ate less carbs than planned, but the total kcal is right were I want it.
  7. fortunatesun
    I don't keep a food journal though I have in the past. I think it's very useful to see what you've actually eaten for the day compared to what your plans were. After a while though, it seemed easy to mentally check off deviations from where I should be.
    If I were training for a specific goal I definately keep one but nowadays it's seems a little obsessive. It's worth it to me to have some leeway, but I don't have to stress because I have that foundation to work from.
  8. Thandie
    I do! I've been keeping a journal of everything I eat. After all I count macros. I can compare where I was months or even a year ago and see if with the same macros/less or more I get the same or better results. In my off season I never gain more then 10 lbs. The chubby phase is not for me.
  9. desmond
    If u use cronometer, the journal is just saved.

    No effort required whatsoever
  10. the.gladiator1987
    Here is what my bulking diet looks like. Any suggestions/thoughts it appreciated! This is during my test/dbol/tren cycle

    wake up: 2 cups milk
    meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup milk, 3 eggs
    meal 2: 8 oz chicken, 1 potatoe, broccoli, 2 tbsp ANPB
    meal 3: 1 can chicken, 1 apple
    meal 4: 8 oz chicken, 1 potatoe
    work out
    POST W/O: broccoli, 1 banana
    30 minutes after post w/o: 8 oz meat
    Before bed: 2 tbsp ANPB, 1 can tuna, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 cup milk, 1 cup cottage cheese
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