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Anabolic Food

  1. sshadoww
    I don't have Waxy Maize right now, so Post worhout I've been taking a spoonful of Karo syrup and a slice of bread to spike insulin and elevate the carbs, then a protein shake, creatine and my BCAA's about a half hour later. I'm just wondering if there's a better option when you don't have waxy on hand...
  2. desmond
    Schadoww: most of the studies on fast v slower digesting carbs show no benefit for the former.

    If u want something high GI that's low in sugar (eg for fear of liver preferential reglycogenation), white potatoes, rice or bread or butternut squash are probably the best (all High GI). White potatoes and butternut squash are also high in potassium. You always use a banana which has a low fructose ratio.
  3. drummaboyzl
    i know its completely off topic....but...... I went into IHOP at 3 a.m. and this guy was walking out whos chest was as big forward as mine is around. i was like good god. wanted to share that =D
  4. DaveTSI
    my breakfast this morning was 4 thick ass french toast, 4 eggs over easy, 6 bacon, 2 toast, 1lb home fries mmm i love de carbzz
  5. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    I got the Kung Po Chicken from my favorite Chinese take-out for lunch today. They sure put a lot of tumeric in it today, there was a major orange stain on the take-out box.
  6. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    Oh, I got that on the luncheon special, with rice, egg roll, and soup. I got the hot-n-sour soup, and asked for steamed rice instead of fried.

    I always add a little cider vinegar to the hot-n-sour soup, 'cause they don't make it quite sour enough for my taste.
  7. SouthernLord
    I started my carb cycle yesterday. Three days low carb and one day carb load, then repeat. I'm gonna be in tweak mode until I get it right. Here;s what I had today.

    Breakfast 54g PRO, 60g CHO, 12g FAT

    2 eggs, 1 cup egg whites scrambled
    2 packs weight smart instant oats

    Brunch 48g PRO, 17g CHO, 17g FAT

    2 scoops MD (whey iso/micellar casein)
    5g sugar free Metamucil
    1 oz raw almonds

    Lunch 42g PRO, 11g CHO, 19g FAT

    1 can of albacore
    6oz asparagus
    1 oz raw almonds

    Post-Lunch 59g PRO, 12g CHO, 15g FAT

    6 oz chix cutlets
    6oz steamed cabbage
    1 baby belle cheese round

    Dinner 59g PRO, 12g CHO, 15g FAT

    same as Post-Lunch

    Pre-Bed 45g PRO, 14g CHO, 26g FAT

    2 scoops MD (whey iso/micellar casein)
    5g sugar free Metamucil
    15g Fish oil
    1 tbsp ANPB

    Total Macros: 307g PRO, 125g CHO, 104g FAT
    Total Kcal: 2664

    Today wasn't so bad. Yesterday wasn't such a good day diet wise. My diet was super clean as usual, but I barely ate 2000 kcal. I woke up late and went to bed early, so I only got 5 of my 6 planned meals in.

    If you really smart guys (Des, timtim, thandie, cobra, etc) see anything I should add or subtract or do different please let me know. Like I said, I am just starting this carb cycle so it's under construction. Today's diet will probably be and "average" low carb day for a while. I am expecting at least 50g more carbs on low carb workout days though.
  8. sshadoww

    Thanks for the tip...so are you saying it's not beneficial to use something to spike insulin levels prior to your post-workout protein shake? Appreciate any help/insight you can give..
  9. desmond
    Sshadow: Alan Aragon has written about this extensively (see as an example: http://alan7218403.110mb.com/AARR%20Jan%202008.pdf under "is it necessary to spike insulin PWO". Only a slight elevation of insulin is needed (based on the studies) for protein sythesis and anti-catabalism. Consumption of any carbs (essentially, perhaps not pure fructose) pre/post workout will do the trick. High GI carbs have really only shown to be be beneficial for people performing multiple bouts of high glycogen depleting exercise per day (endurance athletes, and maybe pro soccer/tennis and comparable athletes).

    SL: there is nothing wrong with ur diet that stands out (don't know why u need the metamucil - u'd be consuming enough fibre anyway), but my only quesiton is do u need to carb cycle yet? Have ur results slowed down at all? Up to you, but you could use carb cycling when results slow down, and bf is closer to your target (what is ur current bf now).

    I mean if your consuming 3 days like this, ur no longer using Tom Venuto's diet really - its much lower carb. I know he goes about 25% carb near competition phases, but thats only at the end phase of his diet and I didn't think u were there yet
  10. sshadoww
    Desmond..a good read- thanks. My fat intake is typically low anyway, so it looks like I didn't have to worry much PWO. I'll probably cut out the Karo syrup and nosh a piece of bread, then consume the shake 20-30 mins later.
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