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Anabolic Food

  1. partagus
    Thanks for the invite Iggy. Looks like a great group. I may have a recipe or two for everyone.
  2. ExtraMile
    Ah that reminds me, here my dilema:
    I finish at the gym at around 9.00pm, I get back home at around 9.20pm - 9.30pm and I have to get up the next day at around 7.00am. This means I want to be in bed my 10.00pm so I can get up early and get a decent breakfast in before school.
    This makes it hard to get a shower and eat and get ready for bed and post up my workout on my journal on here etc when I get back from the gym and have it all done by 10.00pm. I would usually have 60g fast carbs and 40g whey post workout then maybe eggs when I got back and maybe some cottage cheese and ANPB.

    Now I had an idea that if I found out a nice recipe, I could make one massive shake that contained cottage cheese, whey, ANPB, eggs and some form of fast carbs that I could start chugging through from the time I finish my workout to the time I go to bed. Would this work? And if so does anyone have any idea how I can mix all of this together and still be able to stomach it?

    btw - the only whey I have is unflavoured.
  3. desmond
    Thanks for the invite. I like any food salted lol - so that means salted onions, spinach etc taste great to me. But I used salt in quantities more appropriate for oil or tomatoe sauce lol

    From last friday I'm trying to see if I feel any better reducing salt. Basically, this means no table salt on any food. The only added salt is in tinned salmon, which I still intend to eat about 180gs of per day. So basically, the goal is to reduce sodium to about 3g per day, while may potassium remains quite high (because I eat few grains) at about 10-12g per day.

    I'm just curious as to whether I feel any better on this diet. I doubt it, but can't see any problem with it - its not as if sodium is dangerously low on it at all.

    My spinach experiment is too expensive in Australia for me to undertake - so I will just consume it in my "usual" quantities (300g per day).
  4. bentoverrow
    finished back workout ate 1 lb of white pasta w/ red sauce, garlic bread, 1/2 lb ground beef, 1 liter soda, and a shake consisiting of 80 gram protein, 1 banana, 4 tblspoons all natural peanut butter, cocoa powder, 2500 cal weight gain powder, 2 cups whole milk. and 3 home made chocolate chip cookie from scratch and 20 Beverly amino pills. Man I love my wife for makin my food!
  5. Thandie
    Meal #1 1/3 cup oatmeal.
    4 scrambled egg whites.
    Large cup of green tea.

    #2 Salad with baked chicken breast and brown rice. 30 minutes later, 3 oz organic yams.
    #3 Breast of chicken, brown rice and vegetables.
    #4 Baked organic yams (I always have protein with carbs, but I'm trying to get in the extra carbs)
    #5 Chilean sea bass with roasted eggplants.

    I'm cutting for a show, so is only 5 meals at this point.
    Had about 140 oz of water.
  6. desmond
    What are you macros Thandie. It looks like your cutting diet is very low fat.

    BTW, how do yams taste versus sweet potatoes. They don't appear to sell them here (Australia)
  7. *ebony*
    bentoverrow, yes its me in the avi and negative on the good diet, but i'm trying to clean it up a bit.
    Thandie, i made your Sweet Potato Fries....again! yummmmmmmmmm
    these are so awesome, one of my favorite treats!

    Sweet Potato Fries

    Cut Sweet potatoes into thick strips ( I usually do about 5 oz)

    In a container, mix 1 teas olive oil and 1 teas each of red pepper flakes, cinnamon, sea salt and black pepper

    Add the sweet potatoes to the container and cover... shake!

    Transfer to baking sheet and bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.
  8. ironwings
    I'm against dieting....or anything of the sort :-)
  9. fortunatesun
    Hi, everyone. Thanks for the invite. I've been on a spinach kick lately, also. There was a thread about this some time ago in the martial arts forum. Diets high in protein like ours lead to an imbalance in the pH level of our body (+ acidity). Chronic imbalance leads to loss of bone and muscle, decreased IGF1 activity , and GH resistance. Spinach is highly basic, more so than other greens.

    I'd done this before, but since I've overhauled my diet a month ago in an effort to loose a few (well, several) pounds I eat it almost every day. 90 sec. in the microwave with a little hot water on the bottom makes it nicely steamed and I've been throwing it in with just about everything. The more I eat the more the taste seems to grow on me. Strange but also convenient.

    Anyway, that's the reasoning behind spinach. Carrots, cauliflower, celery, potatoes, apricots, and especially raisins also stand out for lowering pH
  10. theemperor
    I Love food!! Hope to learn something new.
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