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Anabolic Food

  1. VinceJeepMan
    what's everyone eating for Thanksgiving....for me it will be turkey, sweet potato, broccoli, and spinach, and cranberries.
  2. iggy
    tons of turkey, sweet potatoes, milk, beets, greens, pumpkin pie!!!! cranberries as well!
  3. trex74
    sweet potatoes are awesome. I cut them into medallions, then toss them with some EV olive oil, garlic powder, pepper, and a bit of steak spice. Then bake them till tender. Really good.
  4. ExtraMile
    you should have see the breakfast i just had

    totals were:
    1845 kcal
    117g Protein
    146g carbs
    94g fat
  5. iggy
  6. ExtraMile
    Just had my pwo meal, totals were:
    105g Protein
    95g carbs
    30g fat
  7. iggy
    how many cals you take in each day EM?
  8. ExtraMile
    around 3000 on a good day i think that day with the 1700kcal breakfast i had woken up late and eating that much made me full and sickly for the rest of the day so i only ate twice again, that time with the pwo meal i prob had more than 3000 but on average i probably get 2750-3000 its not great but not bad its about 16kcal for each lb of bodyweight
  9. ExtraMile
    how many do u think i should be getting?
  10. Danielle Averill
    Hi Iggy, thanks for including me. I did about 2,200 cal so far today, but, that includes the Dymatize Mass Gainer shake. I only do 1 scoop instead of 2 though, which add about 600 extra cal to my diet. I am trying to bulk a bit though, so I'm eating plenty.
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