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A New Beginning

  1. OneBreath
    General Guidelines:

    1. Group members are free to be as fucked up and insecure as they wish.
    2. No judgments are passed.
  2. sober1
    hey, new paint and flooring! cool...
  3. jnevin
  4. sober1
    New Beginnings part Deux! LMAO
  5. OneBreath
    I'm kind of depressed. Did you guys realize that this group had the most posts of all EF groups? I guess that's not necessarily a good think lol. The anabolic alliance had thousands before it was deleted. I think this group had almost 500.
  6. nefertiti
    I know, I'm bummed. We'll just have to get it back up and running. Did we get links up in the anabolics forum too?
  7. needtogetaas
    Guys I am talking away the mods ability to delete user groups. This is the last time this is going to happen.
  8. needtogetaas
    And it did not have more post then the Anabolic alaince bro. We had well over 5000k post when our group got deleted.
  9. jnevin
    Why would they get deleted in the first place? Just an accident?
  10. preemo
    sorry to see it was deleted. at least we have this one now.
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