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Suicide cyclist.

  1. needtogetaas
    I think I man plan a big ass cycle in a few months.. Going to just chill out on 200mg test for the winter.

    I am amassing my arsenal now though.
    20ml eq 300mg x2
    20ml 100mg tren ace x2
    20ml 250mg test-e x3
    endless amounts of 25mg dbol tabs
    t-suspension,t-prop,winny <--- prob throw this shit out,superdrol,and sups up the ass. O I got 2 20ml 300mg deca's too.

    I want to get some fucking npp though, and some proviron. I need fucking proviron. And some ai's too.

    Not sure how I want to run it all. Just letting everything settle down for now. eating good and training good to. Ah I wont lie I could be training more but I been so fucking busy lately.
  2. HAYEZ
    my next bulker starting in february
    1000 test e ew
    700 tren ew
    600 deca ew
    gh 5iu ed
    50 dbol poss not sure
  3. needtogetaas
    I have don a cycle like that. Never busted into the gh though yet... What has been your experence with gh bro? I mean has it made that big of a difference for you in any factor?
  4. signal22
    Good morning bro's, Thanks needto for the add + Karma. I look forward to talking nothing but high dosages!
    Good to meet you also HAYEZ & I hope I can learn & bring something to the group. Peace.
  5. needtogetaas
    Hell ya bro. Keep posting here every day. If you know any one who wants to join the group just send them to me. I will add them to the list.
  6. needtogetaas
    or send them to hayes. he is the leader of this group right now.
  7. signal22
    Have you guys any expierience with short(up to 4 weeks) high dose cycles?
  8. hesnobradpitt
    Mornin all .
    Thanks Needto HAYEZ .
    My next run it 2 to 3 wks will be
    1 to 4 TBol 60ed
    1 to 16 Eth 1.2g
    1 to 15 EQ 900mg
    10to18 Var 100ed
    HCG throughout to pct
  9. hesnobradpitt
    No never done one that short .
    Is it prop and tren a or are you gonna use TNE
  10. HAYEZ
    needto honestly i dont think the gh is really that worth anything other then keeping the fat to a minimum... im only gonna run it about 4 more months and probally stop for a few...run a cutter over summer and see what happens if it was really that big of a difference
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