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  1. the_alcatraz
    Today 04:41 PMironwings
    Oooh, I like the back workout. You're giving me ideas for my next series. Tomorrow I finish up a high volume program and I'm taking two weeks "rest" - doing just various complexes and cardio (boxing drills, tabatas, and steady state). We'll see how I do - I like the weights much better!

    Whats this about crunches and rubbing one out? I probably don't want to know.

  2. the_alcatraz
    Today 05:27 PMSouthernLord
    Hey Alc...I am going to post today's DC (A2) workout in here so you get a better idea of what's going on. I am kind of private about these things or I would post it in the boards.

    All sets are Rest-paused unless noted and taken to failure. All negatives are a controlled 3 seconds. I do a 60-90 second X-stretch for each muscle group after each main work set. I do not list my warm up sets in my logbook.

    Incline Smith(not a counter weighted Smith) 245x8+4+3 total 15 reps

    Behind the neck shoulder press Smith 175x11+7+5 23 reps

    Close Grip bench (Shoulder width) Smith 245x7+4+2 13 reps

    Behind the neck lat pull down 180x8+6+6 20 reps

    Bent Over BB rows (straight setted) 225x12, 285x7, then 135x35 lol.

    I usually only do the two straight sets for BB rows(back thickness), but something got into me today. I think it was thoughts of your sick lat spread The 135x35 pumped my back like crazy. I caught my breath then hung from the chin up bar with a 45 around my waist for 75 seconds. With straps of course. Stretch mark city lol. This workout took me right around 90 minutes. I did the same split this past Monday, but with different exercises.

    How many muscle groups you hit?
  3. SaiBoT
    crunches will having your girl rubbing or some other type of stimulation is nice... contraction and relaxation at the same time... out of this world bro
  4. the_alcatraz
    Today 06:44 PMSaiBoT
    crunches will having your girl rubbing or some other type of stimulation is nice... contraction and relaxation at the same time... out of this world bro

  5. SouthernLord
    Alc. There is two splits that are alternated. (A) and (B)

    (A) Chest, Shoulders, Tris, Back Width, Back Thickness
    (B) Biceps, Forearms, Calves, Hams, Quads

    You train each split in that exercise order. You have three different exercises picked out for each muscle group and three different workouts for each split. it looks like this...

    Monday (A1)
    Wednesday (B1)
    Friday (A2)
    Monday (B2)
    Wednesday (A3)
    Friday (B3)
    Monday (A1)
    So on and so on...

    It works out to hitting each muscle group twice in every eight day period. This might not seem like a lot of work when you are used to doing 20-30 sets per body part. I promise you this is the most intense training program I have ever done. There is no fluff involved. heavy Compounds to failure three times in a single set will beat you the fuck up.

    The whole point of the program is to better your previous workout. You keep all your work sets written down in a log book. When You get back to your (A1) workout you will either add weight to the bar or add reps to the previous weight or both for each main work set for each body part. If you fail to progress in this manner for two consecutive workouts then you switch out that exercise for a fresh one. Does all this make sense? This is basically the whole program in a nutshell.
  6. the_alcatraz
    SL, it sounds awesome, but the fact that everyone is doing it isn't really very appealing to me...not to sound conceited or anything, but my workouts are pretty hardcore and i have worked out for a veeeeery long time, enough to know what works best for me and shit...i might try it out for 4-8 weeks just to see what it feels like though....maybe soon as i hit some test cyp
  7. SouthernLord
    Change is good sometimes bro. Especially if you have been hitting a ton of volume. Sometimes switching to a lower volume routine will add some beef to your frame.
  8. ironwings
    I was a skeptic too...until I saw it in action with another high volume guy. I might give it a try first of the year. Right now I'm loving high volume and I'm too stubborn to give it up. I have started to incorporate the stretching (which you didn't mention SL!!) and love it! I have always stretched after each exercise but some of the DC stretches are extreme. The DC Training thread has some good info.

    Alc - if I'm not mistaken one "blast" on DC is 8 weeks. I'd plan to give it the whole time if you give it a go.
    SL - where are you in yours or have you been training this way for a long time?
  9. SouthernLord
    Yea I did not really mention the whole "rest-pause" concept, the x-stretches, super high protein diet, carb cut offs, cardio on non training days, etc.

    I have been training this way for 7 months now. Very good program. I have made some solid gains in this time. Close to 20 pounds lbm. I think it works.

    My blast usually last between 6-9 weeks. My cruise is a week off, then two to three weeks of higher volume ramping the intensity back up into the blast.

    And Alc... I am not trying to talk you into training this way. I am just trying to show you the other ways to skin a cat. You say you don't want to do it because "the fact that everyone is doing it isn't really very appealing to me" I don't really understand your logic here?? Look at the people on here that are doing this... Ceo, Tatyana, mwm5, Onebreath...These are our more "advanced trainers" on the board.

    4-8 weeks would be a waste too imo. You would need more time to devote to it and the program is not to be half-assed. It is all or nothing.
  10. SpyWizard
    ya'll list up your 1 body part that is greatest above all other body parts..

    people accuse me of having calf implants..

    I love that shit...
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