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  1. SaiBoT
    Traz the new avi is about halloween?
  2. the_alcatraz
    yes Saibot. it's my halloween costume. SAW
  3. ironwings
    Talk about a leg workout. Good lord, I'm finishing up a 6 week high volume program and taking two week rest (cardio and complexes). Today was my last leg day. You can see my workout in my journal on the women's forum. When I got home and showered, I couldn't feel the razor on my leg. CNS was shot. Completely shot.
  4. the_alcatraz
    good stuff ironwings...nothing like a woman bodybuilder
  5. rediculus
    Once I get up around 1k on Leg press by the end of the sets I am pretty exhausted for the full day! only reason I have stopped doing alot of leg press is how long it takes to set up and tear down...And at 24 hour fitness they get all pissed cuz you have half the weights in the gym on the rack. Killer working IWings! Now if I knew what CNS was...How many of you guys are on this DC work out? And is it really called dog crap or somethign? what does DC stand for?
  6. the_alcatraz
    rediculus, ironwings and I will start DC in January. Want in?
  7. SouthernLord
    I think leg presses are great but there is a point for me where the risk becomes greater than the reward. I currently use it in my quad rotation but my work set is in the 12-15 rep range with a 20-30 rep widowmaker. I can throw 1000+ on the machine and the only thing that gets sore is my knees.
  8. SaiBoT
    I don't do leg presses, I prefer the different variations of the squat to keep me motivated. After all being good with squats translates almost automaticaly to being good at leg presses but not the other way around.
  9. ironwings
    CNS - central nervous system. Check out the DC Training thread. You'll see most of the guys/gals that are doing it. DC is doggcrapp. Can't recall the website right off but check out the thread and you'll find it there.
  10. ironwings
    P.S. I need some more good shoulder stretches. Anybody have one?
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