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  1. Big_BK
    You want a good leg workout try the one i did last night. I was so sore i couldn't fall asleep last night.

    Squats -

    135lbs x6 narrow stance to a parallel box then 6 more wide stance
    225lbs x6 wide stance
    315lbs x6 ATG, i literally could not go any deeper, i was pretty much hitting the floor
    405lbs x3 not ATG but plenty deep
    500lbs x2 reps parallel or just shy

    Leg Press -

    450lbs x6
    720lbs x6
    900lbs x6
    990lbs x5 or 6 cant remember
    1145lbs x5
    Leg press was racked at this point so i had to put a 100lb plate on top and have someone hold it bringing the total weight somewhere around 1250lbs. Got 3 reps but 2 and 3 were work, 3rd was very slow.

    Leg Extension -

    250lbs x10
    290lbs x8
    300lbs x6
    Knees were hurting at this point so said F it with these

    Leg Curls -
    Getting exhausted at this point
    190lbs x6 3 sets

    Took a little break and was talking to a friend then did calf raises.

    Calf Raises -
    stack x10 reps
    stack + 25lbs x10 reps
    stack + 70lbs x10 2 sets
    There was a thing to add plates to the machine but all we could fit was 2 35's, still not even close to enough weight.

    Oddly enough i had a second wind after this and felt like i could do even more but i though against it as i already did more then enough so that was the end of my workout.
  2. the_alcatraz
    Bg_BK thats almost exactly what I do for legs bro....

    except i superset leg curls and leg extentions
  3. Big_BK
    After i go super heavy on leg press i am out of it for a good while, super setting is out of the picture, hahahaha.
  4. SaiBoT
    My best bodypart according to guys is the chest, according to girls my butt and upper legs, according to me is my back.
  5. the_alcatraz
    Today 12:24 PMBig_BK
    After i go super heavy on leg press i am out of it for a good while, super setting is out of the picture, hahahaha.

  6. SpyWizard
    day of rest my brothers..
  7. the_alcatraz
    yest. and today was rest for me.
  8. SpyWizard
    i don't like to go to the gym on Saturday anyway it's called "amateur day" for a reason, and don't even try on saturday once it's really the fall season, or after thanksgiving..
  9. SaiBoT
    Saturday is rest day for me too. Until 11 pm it's when I start working.
  10. the_alcatraz
    how's everybody doin tonight?
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