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  1. ExtraMile
  2. the_alcatraz
    greets guys
    extra mile you look good in that avi bro

    here are some pictures of me:

  3. SaiBoT
    Hey Traz!

    Nice pics, you are bigger than Sean Sherk!
  4. ExtraMile
    thanks traz, I wish my back was as thick as yours though
  5. desmond
    I'm on holidays now so i'm kinda overtraining (supposedly) but on 4-5K cal intake I'm finding that recovery is fine.

    My split is
    Monday (Back width, pillars leg):
    Power Exercises (5 reps): DL, Pendlay Row
    Hypertrophy Exercises: Rack Pulls (4 sets 15-5); 1x20 breathing squat
    3 sets of abs if i have energy left

    Tuesday (chest, shoudler)
    Power exercises (5 rep): bench, standing press
    Hypertrophy Exercise (5-15): 4 sets pec dips
    Hypertrophy Exercise (5-15): 3 sets close grip bench
    Learning Technique exercise: hang clean

    Wednesday - supposed to be rest although I have been throwing in some hip rep hammer chins

    Thursday (legs)
    Power Exercise: Wide Stance Low, Bar Back Squat, GHR
    Semi Power/Hypertrophy exercises: High Bar narrow BS, RDL, one legged DL

    Same as Chest Day except no close grip bench
    PM (back width)
    Power: Heavy weighted pull ups
    Hypertrophy: extended gymnast pull up routine

    1x20 BS
    Whatever abs, calves I can be arsed doing.

    Current Lifts (5 reps kg)
    DL - 140
    Squat - 125
    Bench - 100 (this is below PR but I'm only just getting into benching)
    Wide Pull Up weighted 25kg
    Pendlay Row - 85kg
    Standing Pres - 52.5kg
  6. the_alcatraz
    thanks guys
  7. SaiBoT
    WTF is going on in here uh!? Got stuck today at 465lbs on deads what should i do?
  8. ExtraMile
    Yo why does nobody post here anymore?
  9. iggy
    because your too busy flirting with dabuff. buffalo saibot and i just happen to be jealous.
  10. ExtraMile
    lol your stories about buffalo saibot cracked me up! dabuffguy never talks to me anymore exept the rare K message saying sum shit about him thinking about me when he rubs one out or somthing like that
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