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  1. adrenaline343
    Cool...you wouldnt happen to know where i can read about the breathing techniques while stretching.
    If not its cool...on my way to work...I'll try reading up on it tomorrow
  2. SouthernLord
    Today 04:02 PMBig_BK
    Alc its because you back and stabilizers are not caught up to your legs, i have the same problem except i can squat more then 405

    How do you get over that Big_BK?

    Alc- when i was training more for PL I hammered my low back/abds almost every training session.

    Roman Chair Hyper extensions (weighted)
    45 degree back extensions (weighted)
    Good Mornings
    Deadlifts (most important and beneficial imo)
    Heavy side bends
    Pull down Abds
    Pikes, knees to elbows, hanging leg raises etc
    Full contact twists

    My old gym had two reverse hypers and a pro GHR. Anyone that has used either of these machines knows how great they are. I would do light Reverse hypers before all my upper body work and as an accessory lift on my lower body days. These will make your low back/glutes/hams bullet proof.
  3. the_alcatraz
    SL, I just started deadlifting again because my knees are completely healed from my restling injuries...
    I go good morning sometimes, hyperextensions all the time
    I have a pretty strong core from martial arts...
  4. SouthernLord
    P.S. I need some more good shoulder stretches. Anybody have one?

    This is my new favorite shoulder stretch. Make sure you show this one to OneBreath.

  5. SaiBoT
    Adrenaline try to get some Hatha Yoga classes those are helpful, also chi kung and Tao yin.
  6. Bigpimpin10
    hows it going boys!!
  7. the_alcatraz
    wat up boys!
    just got back from the movies witrh da wifey. Body of Lies is amazing!
  8. rediculus
    That reminds me SL I need to seriously intensify my LB training rather than just letting it "keep up" with the squat routine...
  9. rediculus
    Actually just saw a post about shoulder stretches.. I'll have to check out the DC stuff. it's insane how much you can keep learning about fine tuning your work out..I started working out over 15 years ago. I have always known stretching ya important right? My recovery time is really long.. almost 7 days..I'm sitting here reading all this stretching...Pops into my head...Stretch more heal faster! Is this some white house secret? Whatever I'm dumb I know but just one of those light comes on moments.
  10. ironwings
    SL - yeah, yeah - that's what I'm talking about. Thanks - I'll send to onebreath - can you imagine holding that for 1 minute? Oh, you probably already do. Geez.

    adrenaline - yoga is a great way to learn breathing techniques (Hatha Yoga). Best to get a private lesson your first time. I don't have any specific reading material on breathing for you but make sure to "belly" breathe. Breath should come from your gut, deep down. Put your hand on your stomach and feel the inhale and exhale movement. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth when you are stretching OR relaxing. It is amazing how we have such shallow breath even when relaxed. Your muscles need that oxygen! Hold a stretch for your desired time and then take a deep breath in through your nose and go deeper, holding for a bit more. Exhale through your mouth as you release. BTW - the person closest to you should be able to hear your breath - no silent breathing!

    rediculus - you guys are terrible at stretching, once you start doing it though - you'll never stop! some of these guys on here you see posting about stretching learned it from martial arts. otherwise I bet they wouldn't be so up and up on it - lol - check out the DC stuff for starters. I have seen some of the stretching and have stolen a few for myself.
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