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  1. the_alcatraz
    I dnt like leg presses for the folloing reason: i can leg press 1200 lbs but only squat 405 lbs....get my drift?
  2. adrenaline343
    Thanx for the add
  3. the_alcatraz
    Adrenaline welcome to the group bro...

    feel free to ask questions and post your workouts here
  4. adrenaline343
    i seperated both my shoulders fighting....so i have to stretch and warm-up like crazy
    the best one that i have....after youve done your typical stretches and rotations....
    hang from a pull-up bar...let your shoulders relax in a total hang....and then contract your traps and shoulders for a few seconds at a time
    this works awesome when your going to do anytype of heavy pulling movement ....youre warming up with your own body weight

    *keeping your elbows straight while contracting
  5. Big_BK
    Alc its because you back and stabilizers are not caught up to your legs, i have the same problem except i can squat more then 405.
  6. adrenaline343
    I agree....usually it's becuase your core body strength is lacking
  7. SaiBoT
    The trick about a good stretch is being able to stretch the desired bodypart without contracting it's antagonist muscle... For example if you wanna stretch the hams your quads and knee caps should be relaxed... because if they are contracted the benefits are minimum.
  8. adrenaline343
    I agree that you dont want to contract the antagonist mucle during a stretch...
    I contract to pull out of the acutal stretch( a dead hang)....to give your shoulders a quick break...then repeat
    I was taught that you hold a stretch for 10-15 seconds...let go...and repeat

    would i benifit more by doing this stretch a different way?
  9. the_alcatraz
    Today 04:02 PMBig_BK
    Alc its because you back and stabilizers are not caught up to your legs, i have the same problem except i can squat more then 405

    How do you get over that Big_BK?
  10. SaiBoT
    adrenaline by doing that stretch the antagonists are still relaxed.

    I do stretch in between sets sometimes, but I really prefer doing extreme stretch after weights or on my rest days.

    The way I do stretch comes from martial arts and yoga because I also use some breathing techniques to be able to stretch even more, for example while doing the stretch exhale smoothly and I guarantee that you will feel the tension going away.
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