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  1. desmond
    Look forward to seeing how this works as a complement to the weightlifting forum.
  2. SpyWizard
    good morning, peeps and whatnot.. so did everyone get their cardio in before breakfast??

    Heck no, i hate working out without a fuel source, just have never been able to do it..

    oh well..
  3. the_alcatraz
    morning boys

    Did heavy deads yest...it's a good day!
  4. SpyWizard
    just got all supplemented up, had an apple and heading to upper body workout.. wife watching the kids..

    good times
  5. the_alcatraz
    lol...good shit bro...nothing like an early workout
  6. SpyWizard
    my butt hurts.. both cheeks.. what' bad about that?? i did upper body.. not a good sign.. i do legs tomorrow..
  7. SpyWizard
    wife administered a good deep tissue rub.. dang she comes in handy.. now if the kid would just go down for his nap it would be a perfect day..
  8. SaiBoT
    Spywizard usually if I do sex while standing up the next day my butt chicks hurt. I don't know if that applies...
  9. the_alcatraz
    lol @ saibot

    I had an awesome back workout yesterday.

    Here's what I'm doing for my back these days:

    1- Deadlifts

    95 lbs x 25
    135 lbs x 8
    185 lbs x 6
    225 lbs x 6
    275 lbs x 4
    315 lbs x 4
    365 lbs x 4

    2- Dumbell rows

    120 lbs x 6
    120 lbs x 6
    120 lbs x 6

    3- Seated rows

    220 lbs x 6
    240 lbs x 6
    260 lbs x 6

    4- Behind the neck lat pulldowns

    200 lbs x 8
    240 lbs x 6
    260 lbs x 6

  10. the_alcatraz
    Guys, welcome Ironwings to the group.
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