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karma bookies

  1. 1500
    I figured it out now Cane! This shit should be fun. Going to bed. I suggest you do the same. EF will be here tomorrow too
  2. hurricane
    how did u do it slayer will never figure it out .. this is only gonna be for bookies though bro.. it will be a small group .. so u cant kiss and tell wats talked about in here hehe !
  3. hurricane
    1500 went apeshittt betting nfl this week!! bwahahah
  4. SLAYER69!
    Ask Needto how to send an evite. He did it for The AA. I guess if you created the group you are th eone that can do it.
  5. hurricane
    okay guys here is where we can post our pics and discuss game plans for events etc .. so mods etc dont gotta see everything
  6. hurricane
    nah its cool all we need is bookies in here .. its not a social group its for us to plan events etc .. moto i invited anyone else?
  7. motodawg
    This weekend was bad i would like to see us do the nfl if sparts not around
  8. hurricane
    lol man i got fucked swole left all the garbage games .. he said 4 pm games but he left out the 1 easyyy 1pm game also jets vs cards .. he thinks he slick.. i lost a few mill bookin but i had a good week betting nfl to even out
  9. hurricane
    oo btw guys the inside scoop is spart is banned for life .. he might not be comming back so idk
  10. hurricane
    what happened is spart went into the gear section and started talkin shyt to swole and they banned him for life .. there ya go .. didnt want to say it in the open forums and then these mods come crash the thread like usual
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