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Teh Rob Zone

  1. billfred
    Finance advice, if anyone is interest. I will only comment on Oil and Gas since that is my field. Check out the MLP's. They are paying 6 - 8% dividends and will continue to move up with commodity prices.
  2. iggy
    yes, totally interested. gold is pwning now anyway!
  3. the.gladiator1987
    yea post up about investing in gold, And just a tip guys - invest in some real gold as well, stuff you actually have your hands on. Younever know if the bank takes all ur money even though its "yours" , and gold will ALWAYS be valuable, paper money that has 20's written all over it will not always be valuable.
  4. -SD-
    No source talk by the way
  5. 1500
    Thanks for the invites robs. I've been away for a little while. Had to make sure I was squeaky clean in a few situations (no source talk though . Happy to announce that I am GTG. Stay safe bros.
  6. billfred
    Check out LINE and LGCY. Both paying 7 to 8% dividend yield - mostly tax free until you sell. Both have price appreciation as oil and gas prices increase. LINE has more growth potential being in a couple of hot plays. LGCY is more oil leveraged (almost all production from oil).
  7. the.gladiator1987
    So what would be a good amount to invest in as a college student billfred?
  8. pdaddyII
    Thanks for the invite, this group is officially 'cool' now
  9. iggy
    So what's going on in your lives, bitches?
  10. -SD-
    started working out again, first time since surgery on 12/10/10. im an old weak rob but my will is good
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