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  1. iggy
    b0und, shirlene, bakemeacookie, 1500, dB, cane, some input?
  2. hurricane
    goodfellas probably my favorite movie of all time .. deep cover is another favorite of mine
  3. trex74
    You might be surprised iggy, Lynch has done a lot of films.
    I've seen Eraserhead (disturbing), The Elephant Man(see below), Dune(not as good as the book but I liked it), Blue Velvet(very very strange but Dennis Hopper is brilliant and psychotic), Wild at Heart(not very memorable but I'm not a Cage fan),Mulholland Drive (Naomi Watts was the best part), Twin Peaks:Firewalk with me(uh...the little person with the weird voice messed with my mind but it was an Ok movie), Lost Highway I didn't like at all.
    And of course he produced Twin Peaks and the documentary Crumb.
    In my opinion, most of his movies don't give me that satisfied sense of completion that I get from a traditionally written and directed movie.
    I like structure within a film, and a good resolution to the problems raised by the plots.
    I can however appreciate the aesthetics and ideas of his work, but most of his movies tease me into a place where I think I am going to get something I can make sense out of, and then it invariably disappoints that anticipatory pleasure.
    I want to like it, but I end up getting a bit angry with it.
  4. iggy
    I know all of Lynch's work trex, just haven't seen most of it.
    I hear Blue Velvet was his masterpiece.
  5. iggy
    personally, Fellini and Kurosawa are my favorite directors
  6. trex74
    For Fellini I've only seen 8 1/2 and Satyricon, but he co-wrote Roma Citta Aperta which I really enjoyed. My Italian cinema knowledge is fairly limited to the ones that I saw in my Italian cinema class, which mostly focused on neorealism lol.
    I can def learn a lot from you!!
    Kurosawa, I've seen Dreams and it was cool. I don't think i know enough about his movies to put it in context with them, but I enjoyed the different stories.
  7. iggy
    kurosawa was a genius!
    check out rashomon, ikiru, ran, yojimbo, and seven samurai (which is over three hrs long if you have the time to watch it).

    dreams wasn't his best.

    Kurosawa filmography
  8. shirlene29
    My appearance was demanded.....so here I am....wut wut?
  9. shirlene29
    oh...hey cane.....goodfellas is very possibly my all time favorite movie "hey, he looks like someone we know...." heh
  10. trex74
    Last night I watched the doc "September issue" about Anna Wintour, it was OK, didn't give a whole lot of insight into her as a person, but there were some good behind the scenes parts. I haven't seen "Up" yet, but going to watch that later, and "the Informant" if I have time too.
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