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  1. hurricane
    iggy u see mean streets?? what did u think of it ?
  2. iggy
    "Mean streets" is one of the only Scorsese film's I haven't seen (it can be hard to find). here's my top ten list of gangster films
    1. The Roaring Twenties 2. The Godfather 2 3. Goodfellas 4. White Heat 5. Bonnie and Clyde 6. Public Enemy 7. Angels with Dirty Faces 8. Little Caesar 9. Pulp Fiction 10. Once Upon a Time in America
  3. iggy
    and the untouchables, brother orchid, a bronx tale, and key largo get honorable mentions
  4. iggy
    what movies did you purchase cane?
  5. hurricane
    i got alot of them recently and didnt watch yet (white heat,public enemy, angels with dirty faces,little caesar)
    alread saw and loved once upon a time in american.godfather series,a bronx tale,untouchables,goodfellas,pulp fiction
    i was disappointed in mean streets found it boring and was suprises because it was rated 1 of the best gangsta flixs of all time
  6. hurricane
    recently bought, watched and was disappointed in
    1)mean streets-kinda boring
    2)millers crossings- movies just flat out stunk to me ..fell asleep during
    3)rififi-was actually pretty good but the subtitles killed me, since u like foreign films.. u probably would love it iggy
  7. hurricane
    ill make a list of the others i got in a little bit ..all of these were listed in area of best of all time and so far i have been disappointed.. i looked for films i didnt have yet and never saw

    goodfellas,goodfather, once upon a time .. i had these movies for along time and they were great not counting them
  8. iggy
    public enemies intro bores me, but white heat is fanatastic. A bronx tale has sub-par acting, but a good overall theme.
    I've heard Mean Streets is long but haven't seen it yet. It was supposed to be Scorsese's gem.
    The two films I think you would like the most are The Roaring Twenties, (which has everything you could imagine in it) which stars the two best actors in American cinema history, James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. Cagney plays a war hero who comes home to the great depression and is seduced by a beauty to go into the bootlegging business. Bogart is his partner. I don't want to reveal any of it for you but it has plenty of greivous wounding, explosive action, psychotic behavior, police chases, police standoffs, a soft old pal, a platinum blonde, classic speeches, classic scenes, and a fatal climax.

    The second film is called "Brother Orchid" and stars Edward G. Robinson as a mob boss. When gangsters try to kill him, he escapes and stumbles upon a monk monastery. He joins and hides out for months and becomes a changed man. You will really get a kick out of seeing a hardass gangster watering flowers and plants and selling them. He comes back from the monastery to fight the gangsters and do the right thing for once.

    those are my favorite two of that era.
  9. trex74
    OK, I've thought about how to rate my favourite movie of all time. I am going to go with the movie that affects me the most emotionally.
    I could have gone for the one that speaks to me the most aesthetically (Blow-Up), or I could have gone for the one I think was the most incredibly ahead of its time (2001: A Space Odyssey), the one that makes me laugh every time in disbelief (Un Chien Andalou)or I could have even gone for the one that I feel reflected the tension of an age the best (A Room with A View), but when it comes down to it, I watch movies to feel something.
    My favourite movie of all time is "The Elephant Man" directed by David Lynch, produced by Mel Brooks, with John Hurt as John Merrick. Also starring Anthony Hopkins, John Gielgud and Anne Bancroft.
    I can't watch this movie without going through an incredible emotional response everytime.
    I have watched this movie numerous times, the first time when I was about ten years old, and each time I am reminded to consider what I find important about both my own humanity and the world around me.
    This film shows the cruelty of greed, conformity, and exploitation. On the other hand it also shows courage, the power of human potential to learn and grow beyond our own expectations, the tenderness of human compassion, and the importance of being non-judgemental.
    OMG I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.
    Not to mention it's one of David Lynch's more "accessible" movies.
  10. iggy
    nice trex. haven't seen any of lynch's work accept for "mulholland drive". Un Chien Andalou was pure genius, Bunuel was a master of mixing surrealism with reality. 2001: A space odyssey is the best sci film film ever made in my opinion.
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