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  1. iggy
    Ciao everyone and welcome to the EFC. First off I'm going to lay out some guidelines.
    There are a few rules of EFC.
    - No talking about EFC out of EFC
    - I expect every member to check the group every time you log on EF
    - Eventually, I want to know if you guys would be interested in giving reviews of current movies (I know AAP already does)
    - Each day someone is going to pick a topic (for example best directors of all time), and you may take your stance and argue your opinion.
    - At the end of each week I would like each member to list what movies they saw and what they thought of them. (doesn't have to be a review, just a few words and thumbs up or thumbs down is good enough).

    also, the group will be the first to see my first short film.
  2. iggy
    The first discussion we will have is "What is your favorite movie, and why is it such a better movie than everyone else's favorite movie in the group".
  3. trex74
    Thanks for inviting me Iggy, I am going to think about that and respond tomorrow. It's too easy just to blurt, then regret
  4. b0und
    Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin
    Nostalgic, innocent, funny, silent, poignant, reminds me of a simpler time.
    This movie is better in a way that a Vermeer or a Rembrandt is better than any painting of our time.
  5. iggy
    yeah trex, I figured you knew a bit about movies since you could discuss Bunuel films. I saw "The Cove" a few days ago. It's definitely going to kill food inc for best documentary film of the year.
  6. iggy
    8 1/2 by Federico Fellini
    Never have I seen a film with more emotion then 8 1/2.
    It's a classic battle of man vs. himself. In the film, Marcello Mastroianni plays director Guido Anselmi. Guido is a womanizer, and suffers from writers block. As the film goes on he searches hard for the meaning of life. He realizes at the end of the film that he hasn't been the person he wanted to be. He was held back by his own emptiness and inability to love. 8 1/2 switches in between surrealism and real life drama. Fellini beautifully illustrates flashbacks of his childhood that shaped up his life and the dreams Guido had.

    When a man looks back and reflects on his life, he searches for a meaning of it all. and Guido Anselmi found that meaning.
  7. trex74
    I liked the way that "The Cove" appealed to my sense of intrigue as well as my conscience. The spycams, the thermo-sensitive cams, the disguises. It was fascinating! I also liked how it had a broad appeal in terms of exposing the state of global fish stocks, the danger to the (Japanese) school lunch program, and basically examining what we put in our mouths everyday without thinking about the potential consequences.
  8. 75th
    The Crazies

    At a certain point it eventually just becomes a series of action vignettes -- Crazies in the Carwash!, Crazies in the Truck Stop! -- but it's paced quite well and features likable leads. You won't leave the theater contemplating moral quandaries, but it's still a fun horror/action flick and worth the cash. Probably one of the most efficient (in terms of pacing) thrillers since 28 Days Later (which, coincidentally, was a remake of Romero's original Crazies). Ending is different than the original but still worked out well.
  9. shirlene29
    which ending in 28 days later ?? it has two

    editted: NM I reread the message
  10. hurricane
    its funny u started this group.. i recently started a collection of the best gangster movies of all time..(probably not appealing to alot of u)
    i researched it and purchased most of the highest rated flicks
    so far i have been very disappointed
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