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  1. trex74
    Ummm, which theory is the most current?
  2. trex74
    I guess I'll do some research and get more edumacated
  3. trex74
    How about favourite teenager movie i.e. The Outsiders, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, and why.
    I'll go first:
    I liked Ferris Bueller's day off because it showed me that even if you are young, you can still outwit the adults. This movie is hilarious, and it still inspires a touch of rebellion in me. On a nice day, who doesn't wish they could play hooky?
    I love how the principal gets more and more enraged, making capturing Ferris his ultimate goal!
    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  4. iggy
    heavyweights trex....
    great great great movie.

    slackers is a college flick, but that always cracks me up as well.

    I'll think of more later.
  5. iggy
    I saw the new alice in wonderland film yesterday trex, i'll write my review later.
  6. trex74
    I bet "Alice in Wonderland" was weird...Tim Burton is strange. I like his stuff, excepting Sweeney Todd. Couldn't turn it off fast enough. I like his skewed way of looking at the world, and creating his own strange world in the movies. Pee-Wees Big Adventure is an amazing movie. Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, the Nightmare before Christmas, loved them all
  7. iggy
    It wasn't just weird, it was horrendous. I'm busy now but i'll write a review in a bit.
  8. trex74
    I saw rebel without a Cause. but I was a bit pissed off with James Dean and his perma-sulk. Maybe it warrants another view
  9. the_alcatraz
    Alice in wonderland was overrated
  10. trex74
    So Sweeney todd, and now Alice? Funny, because I can usually at least sit through a movie, but I had to turn off Sweeney todd because it was so annoying. Alice is the same eh....
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