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  1. iggy
    trex, you rock. i'm going to hook you up with some K very soon.
    you seem to be the only person who takes this group seriously.

    i'm meeting up with some old friends tomorrow and were going to watch a movie, so i'll see if i can convince them to watch blue velvet.

    as for "the informant", it looks like one of damon's worst movies from the trailer. Just doesn't seem like it was well written, or like he played the part well. 2009 was a bad year for film in my opinion. Hopefully 2010 will change.
    Finished up the entire script for my short film though, so you'll be one of my first critic's once it's shot and edited.

    tell me if it's sundance material
  2. gripweight
    Shutter Island was solid
  3. b0und
    Another really good movie in recent years was Apocalypto. Say what you like about Mel Gibson, this movie rocked.

    It had one of the best ever chase scenes at the end of the movie, and it was a FOOT chase, but it had it all, traps, twists and a Jaguar. If you haven't seen Apocalypto, watch it, it's really good.

    Since I broght up chase scenes, what are your all time favorite chase scenes car chase/etc?
  4. iggy
    Apocalypto was for sure a decent flick, but way overrated in my eyes.
  5. trex74
    I liked Apocalypto, saw it twice.
    Ummmmm Ok. the Informant was not my cup of tea. my bf really enjoyed it though. It was a bit too "wink wink" "tongue in cheek" for me. But Damon did a good job, he was believable in the role at least. I might try watching it again sometime and see if I enjoy it more then.
    I also watched Law Abiding Citizen- i really liked it- I think they set up the plot well, and I definitely had a lot of sympathy for Gerard Butler's character. i mean, who doesn't have a beef with the justice system at some point in their life? My only criticism of the movie was the Hollywood ending, where good overcame "evil". I really wanted to have a more satisfying ending.
    The best movie of the weekend was a movie called Bronson-based on a true story about Britain's most famous inmate. So far has spent 34 years in prison, with 30 in solitary confinement. Stylized and violent. Really well done, and well acted. It was artsy, but not in an annoying or pretentious way.
    here's a link to the trailer:
  6. trex74
    Chase scene: ahahahaha either the Blues Brothers or Bullitt. the cars in Bullitt are cooler though.
  7. trex74
    Oh one more thing about the Informant, the score/music was really irritating. It distracted me to no end!!!!!!!Again, it added to that 'aren't we hilarious" vibe that I don't like. was it Peter Griffin in Family Guy who says 'It insists upon itself"???? That's what it does.
  8. trex74
    Iggy, seeing as you probably have the most theoretical and academic film knowledge, how about introducing some of the terms/ideas/theories about film that you have learned? I mean really basic stuff, so I can understand more about the process of talking about films and even 'critqueing' them. I know that taste is purely subjective. But there must be elements to film that are universally appreciated/acknowledged/categorized????
  9. iggy
    well which did you want to know more about trex?
    the screen theory, marxist theory, auteur theory, formalist theory, psychoanalytical film theory, structuralist theory, feminist theory, or apparatus theory?
  10. iggy
    what I saw this week - Rewatched Boogie Nights, The Cove, A Serious Man, and Ikiru

    Boogie Nights - A Classic movie. Although some might say Wahlberg's acting is subpar, the story line and cinematography is flawless in "Boogie Nights". Paul Thomas Anderson leads up into a fantasy land full of porn stars, drugs, money, beautiful women, and controversy. Brilliant performances by Burt Reynolds, William H. Macy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julliane Moore, and John C. Reilly. It just happens to be one of the perfect stories about a rising star making it to the top, then falling down to the bottom. 4 1/2 stars

    The Cove - "The Cove" really opened up my eyes about the dangers of dolphin killing in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan. Very solid film. Ric O' Barry dips into the problems of Japanese government officials actually trying to conceal the dangers of the mercury levels in dolphins as well. They go on a covert mission to get proof of the dolphin killings, then eventually expose it in front of the officials. The film did what I believe it wanted to do in great success. Increasing the awareness of what is going on with the dolphins in Japan. In the ending scene, I was truly moved by the power of this. Great 1/2 documentary/ 1/2 thriller flick. 3 1/2 stars

    A Serious Man - The Coen Brother's latest hit is a black comedy about a neurotic jewish man who tries to come to terms with reality, his own problems, his soon to be divorce, children, lazy socially withdrawn brother, and himself. "Larry Gopnik", played by Michael Stuhlbarg. It was well acted, and the gem of the whole movie was the performance by of Larry's brother "Arhur" played by Richard Kind. It's for sure an odd movie, but all Coen brothers films have the weird-genius kind of style. 3 stars

    Ikiru - Also meaning "to live". A 1952 film by Akira Kurosawa about an old man who has been living as if he was "dead" the past thirty years. He works his desk job and pretends to be busy every day, not really helping anyone in the mayors office where he works. He learns that he has stomach cancer and less than a year to live. He then tries to tell his son about the cancer and is ignored. He retreats to the Tokyo nightlife of women, boozing, and great food to have fun, but realizes it is not the answer. He then meets a young woman and former subordinate whom teaches him what it is to be "alive". She teaches him that he must do great things while he is alive and while he still can. He then works very hard to help build a park for the people of a small town of Japan. After being threatening, hassled, and denied many times the park is build. He dies soon after and his former colleagues are discussing what changed him from being a cold man into a passionate one with the strong desire to help people. They figure out that they should all act more like "Wantanbe" and strive to help other human beings. "To Live" means to do great things.
    4 stars
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