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Elite Pets

  1. chewyxrage

    Sign me up for a G Shep
  2. trex74
    Hey I have a pet now, I can join!
    His name is Mack
    I just got him a month ago
    He's a 10 month old German Shepherd Dog
    He's a Good Boy!
  3. trex74
    Nangiggles, your pregnant pug was funny, poor thing!
  4. BlueBird
    Welcome Chewy and Trex! Thanks for joining.

    Mack is really a beautiful Shepard!
  5. trex74
    Here he is after eating uranium!!
    j/k its the flash

  6. trex74
    Today my poor boy just got neutered, gonna go pick him up in an hour from the animal hospital, I am expecting a woeful doggy
  7. BlueBird
    lol, that pic is hilarious, Trex! Hope he's feeling better after his surgery.
  8. trex74
    He'll be fine, he's wearing that elizabethan collar thing till Monday, but it hasn't stopped him from anything. I've had to repair it twice with duct tape now, he cracked it the very first day. Now. onward to obedience training!
  9. BlueBird
    Yeah, they hate those collars! Good luck with the training, Mack should be a natural.
  10. trex74
    The collar is off!!
    He's smart, and picks up on things quickly, but he is also dominant, which means I have to be really firm with him. I use a prong collar, which helps on the walks. He's not allowed in the bedroom at ALL, and I have to stop myself from randomly petting him a lot, or he thinks he's top dog.. He also likes to nip/mouth at my hands a bit, which I am working on stopping before it gets out of hand. It's when I put on his collar mostly. He's also just at that age, so time will make a difference i'm sure.
    So far he can sit, lie down, and stay, but not for more than a minute or so Also, "come" means nothing to him most of the time. heh heh . But I am really looking forward to group classes to get professional help.
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