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Elite Pets

  1. BlueBird
  2. Mattheskywalker
  3. Diesel Dick
    Diesel Dick
    Me and my bulldog Tonka

  4. needtogetaas
    I am getting a dog real soon.
  5. charles hayner
    charles hayner
    hello everybody I currently have 2 rottweilers and am the only registered breeder in las vegas
    As soon as I an I will post some pics of my dogs
  6. doublebicep
    Hello Everyone,

    I love animals.

    I volunteer at our local SPCA to help socialize cats for adoption. I rescue and place Labradors and Queensland Heelers (cattle dogs). I have had many (dozens) dogs, cats and all kinds of other pets throughout my life. Over the last 2 years I had to put down my lab, Queensland and Pug. All had long and happy lives. We miss them. We just adopted a chiwawa terrier mix and a pug chiwawa mix. Both rescues. Almost 1 year old now. Still very much puppies.
  7. nangiggles
    Hi ^_^
    I have 6 dogs 2 where rescues
  8. BlueBird
    Well welcome you guys! Tonka's a doll, DD! Did you get a dog, Needto? Hi Charles, doublebicep and Nangiggles! Thank you for adopting rescues, Doublebicep and Nangiggles! Sorry to hear about your Queensland and Pug, DB, but it's wonderful that you gave them both many years of happiness.
  9. BlueBird
    Thanks for joining Thandie and pdaddy!
  10. nangiggles
    These are my angels/devils, the danes and the pugs, the first pic shows the change of one of the resuces of how she was flesh and bones and now she is better:
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