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Elite Pets

  1. SLAYER69!
    fuzzy, you right about anti-depressants. Thats why I love my dogs. No matter how shitty my day is, when I come home from work my 3 dogs act like I came back from a year in Iraq. Every day I'm comming home from Iraq,lol.
  2. BlueBird
    Oh man! Great pics, Fuzzy! Just adorable, Thank you for posting
  3. BlueBird
    That's the wonderful thing about our little guys, Slayer, unconditional love and a short memory
  4. Black Boxster
    Black Boxster
    Fuzzy...LOVE your PUGS!!! your black pug looks just like a younger version of our Inky...she is totally spoiled
  5. SLAYER69!
    My long haired Chihuahua makes Gene Simmons jealous:

  6. SLAYER69!
    and to complete the picture, here the long haired and short haired Chihuahuas prepare to brawl at the park. I got 5 years of this stuff, lol.

  7. FuzzyGophar
    Thanks for the compliments. The black pug is my princess, she is the first dog I have ever owned on my own and the fawn one is my football watching buddy.
  8. BlueBird
    LOL, yeah, those two look like they're ready to bust some balls. Thanks for posting, Slayer!
  9. SLAYER69!
    lol, they have no balls to bust.
  10. BlueBird
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