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Elite Pets

  1. Raptorex
    Slayer! First off congratulations to you and your wife on your new baby, those pictures and your captions are hiliarious, the straight jacket is classic. Thanks!
  2. BlueBird
    OMG, those are great pics, Slayer! Thank you for posting them.
  3. BlueBird
    Welcome fuzzygopha!
  4. gotmilk
    Here's Mia. Almost didn't take her. I had only planned on one but she perked up when I picked up another one...


    Here's Oliver. The Humane shelter had named him "Next Best". He was stuffed in the same cage as Mia and 6 others.

  5. BlueBird
    Mia and Oliver are very beautiful cats, gotmilk. Thank you for posting your babies!
  6. FuzzyGophar
    We need more pugs in here.
  7. BlueBird
  8. Black Boxster
    Black Boxster
    Fuzzy...I agree...you can never have enough Pug My wife and I have owned Pugs for 19 years...anyone looking to adopt in the southeast should check out http://www.alabamapugrescue.org/ Pam is a saint...I adopted Charlie from her..I keep writing to Extreme home makeover so the can build a proper "Place of hope"
  9. BlueBird
    Thanks for the link, Black Boxster! Here' a link for another humane service for animals: http://www.handicappedpets.biz/www/index.php MM has a link for a feed an animal program.

    I think that's a wonderful lobby, Black...it'd be cool if Extreme home makeover redid an animal sanctuary/resue.
  10. FuzzyGophar
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