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Elite Pets

  1. DJ_UFO
    nice pussies.
  2. Black Boxster
    Black Boxster
    Hey guys..I LOVE my pets...Pugs and cat...would die for them...here are some pics of the pets...missing a picture of inky, my black pug!

  3. Black Boxster
    Black Boxster
    We have saved every dog or cat we've had since we've been married, and are pretty active with both local groups and national groups....when I die, some will go to my daughter...but most will go to fund animal shelters..I'm glad we have pet people on this forum!
  4. BlueBird
    [email protected] DJ_UFO. Welcome, DJ and Black Boxster! Thanks so much for posting pics of your babies, Black, and congratulations on you and your wife's committment to helping our homeless animal friends.
  5. Black Boxster
    Black Boxster
    I would encourage everyone to make sure you always spay and neuter your pets. I also highly recommend having them microchipped. If any member is looking for a new pet, PLEASE go to the local shelters first. There are so many loving dogs and cats that need your help..if you are looking for specific breed, make sure you do your research before you commit and remember that all breeds have rescue groups...you may have to wait...it will not be instant gratification, but it will be well worth it. The Pugs rescues that I work with has a very long adoption process that ivloves phone interviews, home inspections, personal interviews, and finally, the foster parents decision.
  6. BlueBird
    Excellent advice, Black Boxster! We adopted Laney from a shelter. He is going on 15 years old and we were told by the vet that he has the hemoglobin count of a professional athlete, so he's in pretty great condition for a breed whose average life span is about 12 years. We feed him a diet of mainly liver, he also gets fish, and treats like steak once in a while.
  7. BlueBird

  8. Raptorex
    He is so handsome BB, what a sweet boy!
  9. BlueBird
    Thanks MM And welcome Adrenaline34 and Slayer69!!
  10. SLAYER69!
    Bringing a baby home from the hospitol can be fun when you have dogs:

    Here miniature Pinscher see baby for the first time:

    MinPin thinks baby might be food:

    Wife wants to strangle MinPin:

    After 12 hours of barking MinPin has had it:
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