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Elite Pets

  1. AFeedz
    Pupdate: I have the worst puppy in the world. I've gone from calling her Kahlua to calling her Kahlucifer.
  2. trex74
    I can relate, Mack is a big dumbass sometimes too. Is it really necessary to eat every freakin kleenex/rotten banana peel/unidentified trash you see on the ground so i have to reach in your big slobbery mouth and fish it out? So gross.
  3. AFeedz
    My puppy's favorite food is paper towels, especially dirty ones. She chews it, then rips it into a thousand pieces, puts spit all over it, and leaves little spit wads all over the house...but that's the least of her problems. *sigh*
  4. AFeedz
    My puppy just got attacked by a vicious, unleashed dog in the neighborhood. :-( I'm maybe an inch away from going over there and hitting that dog and owner with a bat.
  5. BlueBird
    Wow, sorry to hear that, AFeedz. How is she doing, now? I hope she's alright. About 5 years ago a hugh, loose Lab attacked my little guy. I had to punch it to get it off. I would have killed it, if necessary. Stupid owners.
  6. AFeedz
    My 25lb golden retriever puppy got attacked by a maybe a 160-ishlb of pure muscle mastiff. I didn't jump in bc I'm pretty sure that dog could've killed me, and the owner (once he got over) didn't jump in either...hello, if you're afraid of your own dog, maybe you need to do something about it...luckily, my puppy some how slipped out of her collar and booked it down the street and the other owner took that opportunity to grab his dog before it went chasing after me and mine.

    My puppy is fine...but the worst part is that the guy was just like "sorry about that" and walked his dog inside and never even came back out to see how my puppy was. Obviously he wasn't sorry...so I called animal control and now that man has a $700 fine and his dog has been quarantined for 11 days...maybe if he would've been nicer, i wouldve been too.

    Asshole. Like owner like dog.
  7. BlueBird
    Hells bells, yeah that dog could have torn you apart. Thank god your little pup was able to get away. You did the absolutely right thing reporting to animal control. I called and the only thing the officer said was, 'oh, is your dog dead?'. I was feckin flabbergasted, this dude was totally unsympathetic. I said, 'well of course not but only because I jumped on top of him and beat the dog off". Dumbass people everywhere. %/ Hopefully the 700 fine will make this guy think about the ramifications.
  8. AFeedz
    Weird he said it. The guy I got at Animal controlled gave the guy about $150 fine for his do not being leashed and about $550 for his dog exhibited aggressive behavior, and I even asked the guy something like "he's really getting charged $550 even though my dog wasn't harmed" and he said it didn't matter if my dog was harmed bc the fine is for the behavior, not the damage.
  9. trex74
    Sorry to hear your puppy got attacked...The owner is surely unfit to own a large breed like that. I don't think large breeds are really supposed to be off leash in public places at all, given their size and potential for doing serious harm. Heck, I won't even let Mack go unleashed unless no one else is around in thepark, or we are in a dog park. And he is only half that mastiff's size. That mastiff probably saw your puppy as prey, and went for it. It could have gnawed up a little kid too.
  10. nangiggles
    Sorry to hear Afeedz, glad he is ok though
    I'm having massive issues with my french bulldog ever since I moved into my new house they use to live in my super small balcony in the apartment, now they have the whole pool deck and she is being insufferable, she TORE the pool screening and escaped, I was luckily home when it happened and was alerted by distant barking, the problem is my french is aggressive as hell(only towards animals, not people or kids), thankfully she is short snouted so cant do much harm, 2 weeks ago she bolted right pass me through the door and we had to chase her for over a mile, I know ur not supposed to chase them but she would respond or even look back, she's now with a 25 foot lead in the pool area, she tries to chase after everything, lizards, squirrels, etc she suffers from anxiety and OCD,she was medicated for a while but it didnt do that much...
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