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Way to increase penis size??

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Way to increase penis size?? within the Elite Between the Sheets category.

Excerpt: Im in iraq right now. Im looking at jelging, milking, ect. Does those excersices really work for increasing size and girth? Im looking to go home and "surprise" my wife with something a little bigger? Any feed back would be nice

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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    Quote Quote posted by top2bottomdfw
    let us be the judge of that; post a pic
    lmao, you're such a whore.....

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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    Quote Quote posted by armyrebel
    Im in iraq right now. Im looking at jelging, milking, ect. Does those excersices really work for increasing size and girth? Im looking to go home and "surprise" my wife with something a little bigger? Any feed back would be nice

    I know that I will get flamed for this but it is possible to permanently enlarge the male member~!


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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    Buy a pump!?! Just go get your leaf blower and reverse the fan on it ;-)

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    Post Re: Way to increase penis size??

    Quote Quote posted by armyrebel
    Im in iraq right now. Im looking at jelging, milking, ect. Does those excersices really work for increasing size and girth? Im looking to go home and "surprise" my wife with something a little bigger? Any feed back would be nice

    Genetics, testosterone, and growth hormone influence the growth of the penis. Exercise reduces fat, and hence fat which appears around the penis and makes it look smaller; exercise increases blood flow throughout the entire body, that includes the penis; exercise (moderate but not prolonged) also increases testosterone levels, hence an exercising individual will be doing himself great favor. Sufficient exercise such as weight training increases growth hormone (GH) secretions as well which also plays a role in erectile response, and growth. Exercise and diet also increase nitric oxide availability. Sleep: Where also most of the GH is released as we sleep so it is also vital to get the proper amount of sleep (about 8 hours), but also uninterrupted sleep. Blueberries contain compounds which increase blood flow by relaxing blood vessels and improving circulation, hence more blood flow and stronger erections - at least for one because the berries are natural alpha1-adrenergic receptor antagonists, which equates to smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation. Purple grape juice (grape seeds also) is known to contain flavonoid substances which increase the platelet-derived nitric oxide (NO) release. Thus, grape juice has natural vasodilators (thus expanding or widening the blood vessels) where the vasodilation of the sinusoidal spaces and arteries inside the corpora cavernosa is responsible for the erection response. Furthermore, cocoa products, hence also chocolate products have flavan-3-ols, which are type of flavonoids that have also been found to increase activity of nitric oxide (NO). These type of flavonoid substances are also found in tea, various fruits, berries and nuts like apples, grapes, cranberries, peanuts, almonds, etc. Panax Ginseng increases nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in the endothelium (structures of the blood vessels) of many organs, including the male sex organ, which is significant because as mentioned below: "Penile erection is dependent upon vascular smooth muscle relaxation in erectile tissue and penile arteries, the principal mediator of relaxation being nitric oxide (NO)." Garlic does increase intracellular nitric oxide synthase activity, working through constitutive nitric oxide synthase (cNOS) to increase nitric oxide biosynthesis. Garlic power is also rich in the amino acid, arginine, which is the precurser for nitric oxide. Arginine is known for its role of formation of nitric oxide (NO), including in the formation of NO in vascular smooth muscle cells -- where IL-1 and TNF-a act to catalyse L-arginine to nitric oxide and L-citrulline--so a diet higher in protein also assists in having stronger erections (less limp, more erect and harder). Furthermore, muscles also require protein structures put into the body to rebuild and regenerate efficiently, that too includes the penis because it comprises of muscles. If they do not get it they will be not be strong nor elastic. Proteins from the diet are also important in the formation of growth hormone (GH), in which also L-arginine plays an important role! Foods rich in L-arginine include: nuts like peanuts, egg whites, fish, chicken, lean red meat, cheese, soy, peas, beans, chocolate, carob, coconut, and oats. More sources: seeds like sunflower, sesame seeds, brown rice; etc.

    EFAs: Omega-3 fatty acids also possess a vasodilatory action in the endothelia. Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is produced from Omega-6 fatty acids. "PGE1 relaxes blood vessels, improving circulation." (Fats that Heal Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, (1993), p. 277). Prostaglandin E1 increases blood flow volume and velocity in: superficial penile arteries and deep cavernous arteries. PGE1 has also been used therapeutically (usually by injections) to treat erectile dysfunction by restoring erections. The w6 EFA, linoleic acid (LA) found as the common source of other omega-6 EFAs, e.g. in evening primrose oil (72% LA), but also in: safflower, sunflower, corn, grape, sesame, borage, black currant seed oils, some in meats, etc. Cooking, heating, and especially frying with these oils alters the structure of the EFAs creating toxic compounds like hydroperoxides and unnatural trans-fatty isomers. Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) is a result from the biotransformation from linoleic acid. GLA then converts to dihomo-gamma-linoleic acid (DGLA) where prostaglandin series 1 (PGE1) are made from DGLA. There are however, substances, processes and conditions which block the conversion of LA to GLA, these include (Udo, p. 270-1): excess cholesterol (like from diets rich in meats, eggs; dairy products); excess saturated and monounsaturated long-chain fatty acids (which are 85-93% of all fatty acids in the Western diet); processed vegetable oils (90% of oil sold to consumers); trans-fatty acids (from margarines, shortenings, shortening oils and partially hydrogenated oils); heated oils from frying or deep-frying; alcohol; aging (by reducing enzyme function efficiency); zinc deficiency; common viral infections; diabetes and prediabetic conditions; high sugar consumption. These all block, slow down, or interfere with the enzyme delta.6-desaturase, which converts LA to GLA. Smoking decreases erection size and strength, even additionally having inhibitory effect on attaining an erection thus also contributing to erectile dysfunction (as in smoking where constriction of the blood capillaries and veins occurs that interferes and decreases with blood flow to the penis), smoking "may increase the likelihood of moderate or complete erectile dysfunction 2-fold." (McVary KT, etc). Cigarrette smoke extracts have shown an inhibitory effect on prostayclin (PGI-2) secretion, where as mentioned (Jeremy JY, etc): "action of PGI2 may contribute to the initiation and maintenance of erection." A proper erection requires a balanced prostacyclin (vasodilator) to thromboxane A2 (vasoconstrictor) ratio. Alcohol directly inhibits testosterone biosynthesis in the testis. Some drugs also have potential negative ramifications, e.g. heroin reduces expression of iNOS (the enzyme that produces NO) and platelet-derived NO production. And generally, causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) which are--"Pathologic conditions which are commonly encountered in the ageing male (diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, etc) as well as chronic diseases (arthritis, renal and hepatic failure, pulmonary disease) represent a frequent cause of organic ED and are often treated with medications that can interfere with sexual function at central and/or peripheral level. In addition, incorrect lifestyle--i.e. obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol or drug abuse--may all contribute to the onset of ED" (Fabbri A, etc.). The erectile response in the clitoris of women what causes the clitoris to enlarge in size and become much more sensitive, as well as the other parts of the genitals, like the vulva which become erect in sexual arousal are also due to nitric oxide, thus meaning this knowledge also has some implications for women as well (like increased response).

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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    Based on my experience,If you want to get a bigger penis you have to take natural medicines without side effect and nothing more. It's actually pretty straight forward and all the big companies out there don't want you to know that so that you can do exercise, dangerous surgeries, and useless pumps. The fact of the matter is, mankind has known how to enlarge, for many thousands of years, using simple effective and safe penis enlargement capsules you can find hashmi dawakhana in amroha, up

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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    PE exercises will be useful for you, there are some programs for increasing on the web. I would share the link, but I can't.
    Some guys use surgery, but it's too much. Pumping BathMate may help you well, but you need to do it everyday.

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    Re: Way to increase penis size??

    I tend to bottom out with most girls I'm with. I have guys that arrange for me to be with their gf or wife. I've found that once you get the g spot she's very satisfied and the rest just goes to the bottom end. Girth is important or you just have to move it a lot more. I'm not bragging but this is true life talk from experience with quite a few encounters. Hope it helps as its all about your confidence and willingness to please her.

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