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Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Male / Female Masterbation Tips * within the Elite Between the Sheets category.

Excerpt: Belly Rub Make sure you're fully erect, then tilt your penis straight up towards your belly button and slowly rub the shaft against your stomach. Hold your penis just below the tip, using your thumb to press your penis into your stomach. Increase speed and direction to suit your taste. A little lubrication on this one will increase the sensations Steam Bath Make sure you're naked for this one. Wait until you're alone at your home, then run your shower on its hottest setting for a few

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    Wink Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    Belly Rub

    Make sure you're fully erect, then tilt your penis straight up towards your belly button and slowly rub the shaft against your stomach. Hold your penis just below the tip, using your thumb to press your penis into your stomach. Increase speed and direction to suit your taste. A little lubrication on this one will increase the sensations

    Steam Bath

    Make sure you're naked for this one. Wait until you're alone at your home, then run your shower on its hottest setting for a few minutes. Let the bathroom and shower get really steamy, then shut off the water, dry your hands, get into the shower, closing the door or curtain and masturbate normally. The heat from the floor of the shower and the rising steam will add sublime pleasure to your session.

    Tap Through

    Get an erection, but keep your underwear on. Tap on the tip of the penis with your fingers. This may take some time to result in orasm, but you'll feel strong new sensations as a result.

    Tip Tracing

    With one hand, masturbate normally. With one finger of the other hand, trace light circles around the tip of penis. You may find that this produces a stronger, more intenseorgasm than ususal


    Lie on your back with your penis pointing straight up in the air. Grab the base of the penis with one hand and begin to stroke with a quick, circular motion. Keep the strokes short and vary the speed until you get the head of the penis to whip around in a motion opposite your hand. Timing is the most important factor here. Note: This method can be messy when you ejaculate.

    Virtual Vagina

    Lie down on your side and grab your penis from the left side rather than the right (if you're right-handed). To do this, rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing down; you may have to pull your penis slightly to the side. Roll over further and brace your hand against the bed, and thrust your penis in and out of your hand. This closely mimics the movements of intercourse. It's a very different feeling to masturbate by moving your pelvis rather than your hand. It's also fun to put your other hand down and feel your scrotum moving back and forth as you pump in and out of "the vagina". You can also do this standing up, but you have to be careful not to let your hands take over the motion

    Endless Vagina

    Make a fist, but instead of grabbing your penis, push the tip through your fist. Keep going until the tip is about to come out the other side, then continue the "vagina" with your other hand. Keep rotating your hands, one in front of the other, as you perpetually penetrate an endless vagina.


    Masturbate normally until you are fully aroused and almost to the point of ejaculation. When you feel yourself nearing the point of no return, pick up several ice cubes and begin to masturbate while holding the cubes. For a variation, try crushed ice.

    Milk It

    Lube up both hands, then make a ring around the base of your penis with your thumb and one finger. Slide the ring from the base towards the tip. As you reach the tip, repeat the motion with the other hand. Ideally, you want to be starting at the base with one hand just as the other is reaching the tip. All strokes go from the base of the penis to the tip. A strong erection and a very strong orgasm are common with this technique.

    Popping The Cork

    With one hand, hold the base of the penis firmly in an O shaped grip. With the other hand, use a circular motion starting about 1/3 of the way down the penis. Spiral your grip towards the top, giving extra attention to the head of the penis as your palm and fingers pass over it. When you're about to orgasm, get both hands just underneath the tip and use strong circular motions to try to "pop" your cork. Let the champagne fly!!!

    Rosy Palm

    Place some lubrication on the palm of one hand. Then, slowly rub the tip of your penis against the lubricated palm. Continue rubbing, varying the speed to suit your pleasure. You'll find that this produces a unique type of orgasm.

    Sack In Hand

    While masturbating, reach down with your other hand and cup your scrotum. Depending on your preferences, you may like a little or a lot of pressure in this area. As you get close to orgasm squeeze a little harder. You'll feel the semen pumping throughout your scrotum and into your shaft as you orgasm, making for an intense experience.

    Static Charge

    Gently pinch the loose skin just below the tip of the penis. Begin rubbing your fingers together, as though you were feeling a piece of soft cloth. You won't feel much until you hit the final surge, but it will come on like a wave

    *****FEMALE BEGIN *********

    You can stimulate your clitoris with anything that feels good. Fingers and vibrators are the most frequent choices, although there are nearly as many female masturbation techniques as there are women. One of the great tips is to start someplace other than your clitoris. There are lots of other places that will cause pleasure and get you in the mood. Once you do get there, play with different speeds, pressures, directions, and so on. There is no "right way" to stimulate your clitoris; you'll just have to experiment and see what works best for you. Once you find something that feels good, keep doing it. When it begins to feel less good, try something else.

    Hot Bath, Cold Water

    When I'm taking a hot bath I love to masturbate. I use my fingers but I do something else to tease myself. I fill a bottle full of ice cold water and leave it right next to the tub. What's fun is when I squirt it on my clit right before I come. It shocks me and makes my orgasm go away for a little while. Then I get close again and do the same thing. I'll do this a couple of times and when I do orgasm it is huge because of all the build up.

    Stuffed Animal

    I love rubbing a stuffed animal against my pussy. Starting slow, I increase the speed but reduce the pressure to tease me as long as I can stand it. I always have an orgasm. I've been doing this since I was little.

    Shower Massager

    Whenever I have the time while showering I will always use the hand-held massager. I start out really slow with the light setting and then I use the harder and stronger massage and hold it right up to my clit. I can orgasm as often as I want but after a while my knees get too weak to stand. Friends used to think that I was a clean freak, but now pretty much everyone knows what I'm doing so whenever I tell them that I need to shower they just laugh


    I sometimes lean a mirror against the dresser next to the bed and lie on my back in front of it. I'll put my feet on each side of the mirror on top of the dresser. Then I'll prop some pillows up behind me so I can see my vagina clearly. Then I'll masturbate any number of ways with or without toys. What's exciting is seeing my vagina while I play and during orgasm It's neat to see the PC muscles flex and my g-spot protruding as I get aroused. Because I ejaculate when I orgasm I can put on quite a show for myself.

    Using Fingers

    Sometimes I need to remind myself that it can be a lot of fun to masturbate with just my fingers. I usually use lube all around the area. I start with the area around my vagina and clit and get myself aroused with the anticipation. Before I put any fingers in me I will trace the outside of my vagina right on the lips. When I do put the fingers in I always like to explore inside. It seems like every time I do this I find a different spot the feels best. When I do get to my clit I almost always orgasm right away. Of course I rarely stop at one.

    Pretend Porn

    I like to watch porn for a while and get really turned on. Then I turn out the lights and pretend I'm doing a masturbation scene with a bunch of crew members watching.

    Hair Clippers

    When I was younger before I could afford all these great toys I used to use hair clippers. I would hold it against my clit and orgasm every time


    If I don't have a dildo handy, I will get a cucumber or zucchini and wrap one half and put a condom on the other. I'll put the wrapped half between my mattress and box spring with the other end sticking out. Then I'll lube the condomed end get on my hands and knees. Backing into it is a blast.


    I like turning off all the lights and fantasize about another woman going down on me. It isn't usually a specific person, just a woman. I always orgasm from this.

    Waterbed and Oil

    My all time favorite is to pull the sheets off the waterbed and cover it with baby oil. I get on naked and just roll all over the place. Everywhere I touch myself feels good and I could orgams really easy but I hold back for a while and let it build so it's really big. I don't do this often because it's so messy, but when I do it's really, really fun!

    Female Masturbation and Orgasm
    One of the most important aspects of female masturbation is that it gives you a chance to learn your body. Once you learn it, you will not only be able to give yourself pleasure, you will also be able to teach someone else how to please you as well.

    Every area of your body is a potential pleasure zone, but in order to figure out where, you must explore yourself with an open mind and without shame. Every woman's body is beautiful, so don't fixate on those places you want to change. Save that for another day (or better yet, never again). On this day it's all about making yourself feel pleasure, so only think about the good stuff.

    Start by grabbing a mirror and a good source of light and examining all those places you may have avoided until now. This is one of the first ways we can remove some of those silly inhibitions that that are often placed on your sexuality. Your vagina and anus are a natural part of the female anatomy and once you recognize this you can begin to allow yourself the pleasure that they can give you. Familiarity becomes pleasure-ability. Betty Dodson, Ph.D. tells the story of a couple coming into her office with sexual difficulties in their relationship. One of the first things she did was to get out a mirror and encourage both of them to check out the female patient's vagina. Both of them explained that neither of them had ever actually looked at it before. My guess is that ignorance to something as basic as this was likely at the root of their problem.

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    Your first post and this is how you use it.

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    Quote Quote posted by Sugarplum
    someone has a lot of "time" on their hands.
    LOL! He's got alot more than just time on his hands!!!

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    hammys tip - look at naked fat women and whack it

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    Quote Quote posted by Sugarplum
    someone has a lot of "time" on their hands.
    Thats not all they have on their hands...

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    The shower massage pulsing on my pussy is the best way to end a shower and a fantastic way to start each day.

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    Re: Male / Female Masterbation Tips *

    I like it...

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