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Thread: Circumsision

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    Nov 2003
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    Re: Circumsision

    it didn't hit me until this morning, but this reminds me of part of one of Sam Kinison's routine.

    breast enlargement is a wonderful thing. guys, get a second job, drive a cab, do whatever you have to do if your wife says she wants a breast enlargement. but there's one thing i don't understand....

    WHAT THE HELL........

    is breast reduction?! that's like me going to the doctor and saying, "yeah, doc, can you do me a favor? can you just cut the head off my dick? i really want to piss my wife off."

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    Re: Circumsision


    i'm sitting here, legs crossed, typing with one hand on the keyboard and the other over my zipper, groaning loudly and pittfully, tears in my eyes........

    no italian sausage on today's lunch menu!!!!
    "no one bombs RNCH again!--need2getaas"

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