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View Poll Results: Do you an sexual fetishes?

37. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, I have many

    14 37.84%
  • Yes, I have a few

    20 54.05%
  • No, I'm pretty vanilla

    3 8.11%

Any fetishes

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Any fetishes within the Elite Between the Sheets category.

Excerpt: Answer if you have any fetishes and then you can message what the different fetishes are that you have and/or what you think of fetishes.

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Thread: Any fetishes

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    Amateur Bodybuilder jeremyng25's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
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    Some of you are fucking disgusting

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  2. #32

    Re: Any fetishes

    im just reading for the lols hahaha

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    All Natural
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    Oct 2013
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    Giving group blowjobs .

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    All Natural Shuckmutt88's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
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    Girls that wear fishnets and knee high boots

  5. #35
    Very petite girls around 100lbs
    I'm an ass freak I love em all
    Choking (both of us)
    Small tits, anything natural...have had way too many implant tits it's doesn't do it for me anymore besides chiks with small tits fuck better it's. A proven fact
    Fucking in public, anywhere we can get caught as well as driving
    Love eating pussy
    She loves talking about me fuckin other women while we r fuckin

    I'm 6'3" 275 12%bf and my wife is 5'2" barely 110 there's nothing I can't do to her lol...well over twice her size and it's better than each others ever had, go figure

    To each his own tho but I love tiny women

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    Good Bro themuscle's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
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    Feet.... All things with feet.

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    Muscle Pimp pdaddyII's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Your moms house
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    Quote Quote posted by themuscle View Post
    Feet.... All things with feet.

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    Good Bro
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    Dec 2015
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    Re: Any fetishes

    No, I'm pretty vanilla - love vinilla blonde girls!!

  9. #39

    Re: Any fetishes

    slight B/D. wrist restraints, blindfold, riding crop.

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    Whiskey's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    EF's official kitty licker
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    Re: Any fetishes

    love all things that are taboo, on top of several other kinks

    The official Cantor of the NKC

    Hiding in the deep trenches of this world

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