Here you are again, staring at your scale near the end of the year and pondering whether to start a new nutrition plan, or worse, a workout plan.
Wait... you do admit the fact that you need to workout and it's only a matter of when, not IF you start a new plan, and that there is no question you need to get moving (pun intended).
But here's the thing...
You have a new job, a new baby... who knows, maybe a new husband (we all know how stressful that can be)... all of them pulling you this way and that way. And little time to spare.
Where do you start?
Do you start with a new grocery list for healthy meals, and then wonder if a new gym membership is in order... ahh
So... Which Is It Going To Be? Exercise? Nutrition? What's Better For Weight Loss?
As a nutritionist working with moms of overweight kids, I get this question often: What should I pay more attention to, calorie intake or exercise?
While the answer is never a simple, BOTH! Because as we all know, there's more to the total calories in, calories out concept, we stress the importance of better eating habits for life, followed by workouts 4 times a week, minimum. Then we move on to explain the benefits of each.
But I digress
Main goal at this point: Get moms to understand why new eating habits are in order- for the entire family and so it is with you.
So this is what you do to start your plan or get back on track to lose any amount of weight:
Focus on burning fat, rather than on losing weight.
Remember muscle weighs more than fat, (by volume) and total weight reflects water, fat and muscle loss.