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mixing protein shakes in a blender

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about mixing protein shakes in a blender within the Diet & Bodybuilding category.

Excerpt: i have heard that mixing protein shakes in the blender then drinking them is not as effective as just mixing them with a spoon or something and leaving it all clumpy. frankly i hate the taste of clump and was wondering if the blender thing was a myth of had some reasoning behind it.

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    i put 6 scoops of whey in my shakes. each scoop is 14g and the protein is 75% so thats 10.5g per scoop. and i also add 500ml of milk which works out at another 17g of protein. so i have 80g in a shake. then mix with a blender. i also like to add some nesquick, or chrusha so it makes it into a real milkshake. much more drinkable. i brought a 15kg/33lb bag or pure unflavoured whey which tastes malty, so i tend to put the milkshake mix in. great deal at $145. so i can afford to put loads in each drink.
    nowadays i get most of my protein from shakes because they have more protein than food, they dissolve quicker, and i hate eating constantly when u dont realy have time to make things. i can make a protein shake in about 2 minutes if i try.
    i have noticed that the longer u blend it for the frothier it gets. ill have to stop that. to stop it getting frothy just strain it.
    also u can make it at the beginning of the day and leave it in the fridge and when u want a drink just whack in on the blender for a whizz and it becomes thin again. it tends to thicken if u leave it for a while.

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    Originally posted by genarr3
    LOL. Please please have him explain why using a blender is no good.

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    sorry dude this was a flame waiting to happen.

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    Re: Blender will have no negative effect

    Originally posted by Stomper1
    As long as you don't throw the shake into the microwave you are fine
    I never understood this. When you put a piece of chicken in the microwave, does the protein in it go "bad".

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