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Improved Diet Plan>> Thanks GUYS!!!

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Improved Diet Plan>> Thanks GUYS!!! within the Diet & Bodybuilding category.

Excerpt: Here is my new diet plan: 8:00 AM 1c oatmeal 10whites +2 whole eggs Protien (g) 55 Carbs (g) 58 Fat (g) 16 Total cals 596

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    Here is my new diet plan:

    8:00 AM
    1c oatmeal
    10whites +2 whole eggs
    Protien (g) 55
    Carbs (g) 58
    Fat (g) 16
    Total cals 596

    *9:45am* NOT INCLUDED YET
    2 Carbohydrate Bar (Power Bar/Gatorade Bar)
    (Maybe or Maybe Not… you tell if these are good or give substitute)

    Quick Feet Plyometric Drills

    Light Bike Cardio

    12:30 PM
    2 cans tuna w/ Mustard
    1 cp rice
    2 scoops protein w/ Water(yuck)
    Protein (g) 100
    Carbs (g) 50
    Fat (g) 6
    Total cals 662

    Running Routes

    One Pack Carl Budding Turkey
    ˝lb Chicken Breast
    2 cups Broccoli
    Protien (g) 71
    Carbs (g) 18
    Fat (g) 7
    Total cals 819

    3:30-5:30pm Lift Weights

    **High Glycemic Protein/Carb Shake**
    **Protein (g) 35??**
    **Carbs(g) 100??**
    **FAT (g) 0???**
    **CALORIES (g) 300??**

    1lb Chicken Breast
    One Container cottage Cheese
    Protien (g) 190
    Carbs (g) 28g
    Fat (g) 6
    Total cals 990

    8:30 PM
    10+2 eggs
    2 tbsp peanut butter
    Protien (g) 55
    Carbs (g) 9
    Fat (g) 26
    Total cals 490
    10:00 PM
    2 scoops whey protein powder
    Protien (g) 35
    Carbs (g) 4
    Fat (g) 3
    Total cals 180

    Protein 506g 54.2%
    Carbs 167g (doesn’t include post work out Carbs!!!) 17.9%
    Fat 64g 15.4%
    Total Calories 3737


    One Quick Question: What to do for a High Glycemic Protien Carb Post Work Out Shake??? What exactly is this? I have never used before? Is it just my regular whey protien taken with Juice( Grape or Grapefruit Juice) or can you give me a better idea about what this is and how to make/take it? I could not add this into my diet b/c i did not know exact details about its composition.

    Thanks Everyone for the posts and E-Mails, all the advice really helped... I will keep everyone posted on my status.


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    It is much better than what you originally emailed me. Cut back on some of the protein a little maybe. The 12:30 meal, you don't need the whey powder, and cut back on the rice a little( .5 cups is enough). Try to eat your 3:00pm meal earlier. I don't know what One Pack Carl Budding Turkey is, but cut it out you don't need it. Add the rest of the rice you didn't eat. Too much Brocoli before training, cut it to only one cup. I explained the shake in the email I sent you so its 100g of carbs, and 50g of whey protein. Drink it before you hit the showers, and eat your 6:00 meal at least 30-45 min after the shake.

    One container of cottage cheese has over 2,100 mg of sodium! That is way to much. Eat half that amout, maybe less. 190g of protein at one sitting? No way dude. 90g is all you need. In my email I give you a description of what to eat. Combine different types of protein. You may want to add a few egg whites to your post workout meal. Add a baked potato, and some brocoli.

    Good luck.

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