i am new to the board and somewhat new to the game. 1.5 years ago i did 4 cycles of m1t and really liked the effects but the sides were rather unpleasant. I also did 3 cycles of tren 1 eod for 6 wks, loved it, i felt like I was superman. my problem is i have the damnedest time putting on weight and keeping it on. so this time i plan to do a heavy stack to try to trick my body chemistry. i am 6'1", i weigh 190, i eat like a horse and work out regularly. i dont use any riddiculous weight because joint problems run in my family. this doesnt mean i dont up it quite a bit while on cycle. my goal is to put on 30 - 35 lbs of solid mass w/o the water weight being too excessive. this is what i have to work with,i have tren, supertest 250, sustanon,dbol, anadrol, hcg, proviron, nolvadex, lasix, and m1t. can you guys help me put together a powerhorse program cycle and diet. i have awesome will power and can follow it to a T. meaning very strictly. also are there any other things i should have procured to accentuate this program? thanks lol