Okay. My fourth of July was pretty fun. Set off a few hundred dollars worth of rockets and shells, the neighbors pitched in, and we managed to not burn down any houses or convalescent homes. So, with Independence Day being the epitome of Summer, so is bikinis, hot and smoking bodies of all of the women that we say that we'd hit....if only they would let us...right? Us guys have to look good in our Speedo's (gag) or board shorts (right on), so we diet and do what we can during the spring to look as good as we can for the ladies. We still have to maintain that semblance of hotness for the ladies though and holiday cookouts can sometimes ruin us for the short term.

At www.proteabody.com we do have a current special running to help burn off those extra holiday calories of consuming chili dogs, bratwursts, hamburgers, etc... Presently we have a 10% discount running on a fantastic fatburning stack that consists of 2 bottles of TargeX Heat, one bottle of Xplosive Burn (a very powerful fat burner), and one bottle of Lean Fast (the perfect non-stimulant to stack with Xplosive Burn on any occasion). Normally, this stack would cost $173.98, but with the 10% discount the same stack would cost only $154.00. Anyone that wishes to look lean and stay lean can't go wrong with this stack.

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