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Conversation Between doublebicep and nangiggles

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  1. pugs are awesome, it's like they speak to you with their facial expressions, my male is thin, but my female is fat, we have her on a diet right now, frenchies come from pugs but they are so different!
  2. My wife and I had a pug that lived to be 19 yo. She was black and white. We named her Oreo. Not a dry eye in the house when she passed. We now have a fawn colored pug named Choo Choo. She is my son's dog. Pugs have a big personalities. We just love'em.
  3. not just a pug, my pug one of them, I have two, also a frenchie and a dane ^_^
  4. Is that a pug in you mini stat Nan?
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