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Conversation Between the_alcatraz and stevesmi

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  1. just checking up on you man. haven't seen you around much lately
  2. well my dad has no hair on his body whatsoever, my dad hardy has any facial hair...i had to start shaving early to get facial hair man
  3. yes very weird.. every leb person i know is hairy as an ape. you are lucky man. not only do i have hair but its curly, if i shave even my face it curls right back and gives me an ingrown .. you probably got lucky with a recessive gene
  4. lol dude i have never shaved my body a day in my life...i have no body hair period. i have very minimal chest hair from test but thats it weird eh?
  5. hairy leb, what r some tricks u learned in leb dealing with hair on body? wen i use a razor since i have curly thick hair i get ingrowns, so i use a body trimmer but it doesnt work great, any tricks/strategies ?
  6. whats up you leb hothead. i almost punched a guy out today who gave me lip, lebanese guys and tren dont mix well man.. haha.. our blood is already boiling as it is
  7. What up!!
  8. http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/an...743827-14.html post 140, pics 6 weeks into my cycle.. what you think man? need your honest opinion as to my progress.
  9. sorry bro I know you are pissed but stuff like this happens. sometimes you gotta take a step back to take 2 steps forward. trust me I've dealt with my fair share of injuries over the years. hopefully you get a doctor who is experienced in this field and you get back as quickly as possible.. muscle heals fast. hopefully surgery is not needed, that is the first order of biz finding out if you need it. get several opinions, don't go in there unless its definately necessary.
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