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Conversation Between superqt4u2nv and ledhead

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  1. See what a nice guy I am? We are going to have that thread rocking for you on your BD...
  2. At least you are reading the best thread ever on this site
  3. Pm me when you get a chance, please.
  4. Yeah, I am lucky, and a tech nerd with bazookas. My last tech nerd has small ones that sag. Lolz..
  5. Thanks for the tip! I will indeed look into that. I am horrible when it comes to technology, maybe, that's why I'm a wannabe historian
  6. Not bad! I'm just having a hard time eating. Lately, I been having to force-feed myself; I think it's from the tren. But I adjusted and I dealt with things like I always do. I bought one of them phones you told me to buy; it does take real clear pictures. So, I will make a thread here shortly..
  7. Don't mind me I'm just getting my daily fix
  8. Thank you, love. I'm going to Miami for a week tomorrow morning; I cant wait to hit South Beach. Have a nice week and thanks again..
  9. Yeeeaaahhh, I love it like that.. Well, I'm off for the evening and it was good talking with you. I'll drop you my pictures here in the next month or so. Good night, nice lady..
  10. Happy Birthday SQT, for sure! Make sure you are wearing your BD suit.. I love when women have BFs, I just thrive on it
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