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Conversation Between superqt4u2nv and KRathlete

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  1. Hi, I'm new to the site and wondered if you could be of any help, have read some of your posts! Im 23, 5ft 4, 57kg and a sprinter. Been training 5/6 days a week-both weights and track runs, for at least 5 years. Have very good diet and lifestyle, 100% committed. Im struggling with progress at the minute, constantly getting injured which is affecting the training And ttherefore the results. Considering taking performance enhancing drugs however not sure where to start. Read alot of the stickys but all aimed at bodybuilding, wondered if you had any advice? Wanting mainly something for recovery and injury prevention (if there is such a thing?) Also to keep weight and body fat as low as poss (currently approx 18%). Already have messed up menstural cycle (had one period in last 10months). Any advice would be appreciated!
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