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Conversation Between WolfpackAlpha and boomup73

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  1. Hey bud. My name is Joe and I am looking for some "good" advice on a good cycle to run. Here's my stats. 40 years old. 5'10" 183 lbs. Lay checked body fat was at 16%. I'm looking to bulk and cut. I know it's not easy or ideal but I have been working out hard since Oct. And I'm three weeks into running HGH. 1.5 iu morning and night. Workout 6 days a week. No cardio at gym except for to loosen up. I'm a lineman by trade so I have a very active lifestyle. Eat healthy, no junk food at all. Shoot for 200 mg minimum of protein a day. I'm looking to get that little extra step up. Any help would be appreciated. I was looking at starting a cycle of test e and d ball but the d ball is pill form a and I heard that was bad for the liver. Can you recommend dosage and maybe something else I'd you feel I may benefit more from it.

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